How To Make Your Girlfriend Very Angry at You

A man, in love with 1980s-era video games, turns his girlfriend's bedroom into an arcade.
2:55 | 06/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How To Make Your Girlfriend Very Angry at You
Next time this isn't uninteresting story a little bit detailed but the daily news here in new York New York Daily News talk about a guy. Who was engaged moved into his girlfriend's apartment. Became sort of obsessed with the idea of 1980s videos after reading a book arcade games video games and he decided to turn his bedroom because he was in his girlfriend's apartment -- something that. Meant a lot to him. And he wanted to turn the bedroom into a 1980s. Video arcade. -- put -- some pictures. He did it until he had 32000 dollars -- the stuff he loved that needs to surround himself with everything from the 1980s and he -- just sort of came on. For one thing led to another and his his fiance -- -- to get fed up with the session and use -- -- say that she refused to attend the launch party to come back. I'll be out eventually she returned the engagement ring and left him -- -- -- -- -- fascinating article in the daily news and basically. -- 1980s video. Game -- second session takes out earlier this. And in the bedroom I don't blame could not to -- a little black eyeing -- public and in different -- what the problem was. It was in Brooklyn and Brooklyn Manhattan real estate is at a premium. A big house in the -- the man. Answer you need a separate red tape I love spicy -- he took a dozen people in company in dared to bite into what is supposed to be the hottest pepper ever it's called boot. Don't Nokia. But my parents are from India looks basically telling its Indian pepper chili pepper there so they dug into its like. Pain inducing spicy look at those people look at that -- smoke coming out for their nostrils there that people -- -- there was like don't worry hey we got -- on hand just in case but first look. Fat -- kind of -- 00 my god is located. She. -- got off them. All right good stuff I'd -- hot -- to but I had peppers that are like a little crazy in the in the end there at that point we don't know about now I surrender. We should have a -- off the idea that -- too bad we can't. I -- -- -- story put it up little viral video. It's all being -- -- like this little thing eleven life -- -- little fly starts buzzing around the many acts surprisingly human check out. Starts getting -- won't go away. -- -- this doesn't happen all things of that yet he did shake it out how pretty -- you write a very Q look at that little thing that in your body so. I -- earlier the top of the show we've got a big announcement you might -- -- -- the announcement I can't believe the moment is here I am -- -- news now all of us after about a year and a half I'm going back to land of the living in what -- -- generously -- go to my old station in New York City bodies. Here and pay its access to be PIX in the -- the main anchor there. He's a great opportunity. And even have a big party tomorrow we're gonna have original enough and I aren't we're so excited -- promise of -- DVR tomorrow John -- --

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{"id":24101477,"title":"How To Make Your Girlfriend Very Angry at You","duration":"2:55","description":"A man, in love with 1980s-era video games, turns his girlfriend's bedroom into an arcade.","url":"/WNN/video/make-girlfriend-angry-24101477","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}