Make Your Own Greek Yogurt

ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown learns how to make a Mediterranean staple, Greek yogurt.
3:05 | 05/12/15

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Transcript for Make Your Own Greek Yogurt
Fred if you look at for a heart healthy diet plan that still actually tastes good while then the Mediterranean diet. I think what you look at four. Yeah one of the key ingredients here that diets need Greek yogurt so we were surprised to learn that you could actually make your own at home easily. Attendance in some tickets and out ABC did the shopper. So it is Mediterranean. Keeping L Airset. Here with the guru of all things I Mediterranean diet chef Maria life. What are you. Yeah look younger. And find limited in any diet and it prevented me on my. Who made them up on community share this popular class lines and the UK who love good and makes him being here. I ask me something and I am glad I wanna what do you under your supervision and you know he's no you know recently asked a little at a time next. I am turning the ball and yeah. That's an Atlanta home parent and it wouldn't exist and what he didn't teaspoon cheese hot because if you want to. So this is Cuba that wasn't screened this is different that has streets outpaced let's take a look at the differences. For me yeah this is Lou real weak well those same wow that isn't being. How long today's heat. For the gas to become. This would put it aside please have a live and I'm. Dog. Movement often seeks thank you move it into the sea duty at least four about I want to play. I've had my house that that's how I mean active leading the whole time what do you do all he not Saddam by cable we have pop items yes of course. And you're seeing this. This season if it isn't granted leave act Brett coming back our stock Hans Zach was read. Now look mediocre race. Yes and we have look at honest alleged this tiny feet there is a second scoop them because you don't I. Is in parliament this is. The fast retailer. I have ever had in my life his taste. A million Batman and have a hot. Things you know are. I did the show up around there yes she's good she was Lovett. And here you go with a C unit you're not participating well I have to get through the no well you are you have an upgrade all I hear all right so that she's enjoying it now thanks again to us if Maria lawyer there her restaurant in New York lawyer asked its Oreo. But get this from the Mayo Clinic telling us the ha oh million and a half healthy adults. Or used in this study they didn't analysis and probably a Mediterranean diet they all surely reduce risk of death from heart disease and cancer. So I ended up. It gave a little interest I have no idea I don't know what I did I know what asked would that is Sam braved it looks like a bingo opinion. It hope.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown learns how to make a Mediterranean staple, Greek yogurt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30974959","title":"Make Your Own Greek Yogurt","url":"/WNN/video/make-greek-yogurt-30974959"}