Mammoth bone found!

Two friends unearthed the massive bone while diving in a Florida river. They tell ABC News' Will Ganss about the discovery.
2:29 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for Mammoth bone found!
Finally it only can barely lift our water. I can't they have any better words of this rather than just. The closest most of us will come to a woolly mammoth is the cartoon kind on the big screen you have keep the flies. Theater or more of flurries I was talking about the movie message to lot of publicity that they noted they love this girl and Anna Marie com. They live this year amateur paleontologists Henry Sadler and Derek Demeter finding a once in a millennium mammoth bone while diving and Florida's East River. Maybe eight feet deep desire. This hilarious is not enough crazy but. You know that fly trees everywhere Bolton in the law and scenery right next to me Geist using this but because they've had luck fossil hunting bear in the past this one of the T. I've found pretty recently over there so they knew what they were up against. Normally we wouldn't give peace earnest Tyler here because he's that's what nine gators are starting their mating season and and that's when you start donut more. Our. A little bit more aggressive seller you. Yeah yeah yeah yeah despite those odds Henry striking fossil hunting cold in the water I climbed boomer age phone call him an example my hand on. Was the men and I knew it is. The guys spending the next half hour taking out the rest. Of the senate floor walk all the bottom ten it is sixty com boom to those who are we got ourselves a mammoth leg bones. The mammoth leg bone somewhere between 101002. Point six million years old. We always get excited about these discoveries because it opens up this window of time this really makes me wonder what it was like to be back in this time here is when we had these mega be from animals roaming around. So what do you do with a six. He pounds four foot plus being shipped mammoth leg will Henry to middle school science teacher and brought it to class. Talk about it antique show and tell you guys at school. Both science not most eyes just kidding. My site see trees we aliens bill Nuys. Rick zero. Lol I have a story out of the kid in elementary school and I hired I brought in when I follow the fossil pursuant now that he drew lag. That's not possible about a good dead animal. Yeah I hate this yes well this this thing with the rear of the vehicle like yeah Israel battleground. Right leg out I think me target their.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Two friends unearthed the massive bone while diving in a Florida river. They tell ABC News' Will Ganss about the discovery. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77480715","title":"Mammoth bone found!","url":"/WNN/video/mammoth-bone-found-77480715"}