Marathon Swim Ends on a Manhattan Street

Diana Nyad nears the end of a 48-hour marathon swim.
3:00 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Marathon Swim Ends on a Manhattan Street
And still on the DelHomme is Diane and I -- rapidly approaching the end of her latest marathon she is in the final stretch of an endurance win here in midtown Manhattan which kicked off on GMA Tuesday morning. And she's been getting a lot of help from fans and fellow swimmers. Just a month after setting a world record by swimming 110. Miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. The 64 year old endurance swimmer set her sights on a much smaller arena for a much bigger cause. Diving into a forty yard -- set up -- Herald Square right onto the iconic Macy's clock the native new Yorker made a splash of a homecoming with a nonstop 48 hours went. But for this marathon other swimmers were invited to join her because really beside her until it's just -- -- -- -- Next to someone like -- Since its -- Not its goal this time to raise awareness and funds for victims of super -- sandy one year after the devastating storm. Hundreds of families in the New York area are still living in hotel rooms. It something I I just couldn't ignore. So what better way to make a difference than in the city that never sleeps and idea shared by swimmers joining her far -- -- like this woman from Boston. I got -- tenets of Pacific league came in the night but -- gave -- -- crowds. And a lot of distance learning myself but not to -- -- -- -- -- It's not so far -- it has already raised more than 72000. Dollars. She is just incredible. She will finish up. This morning on Good Morning America should be very dramatic -- -- data we shot this last night in the dead of night like you know and basically all these people came out. Then to give her -- tells a lot about sports as a lot about New York. And that's why did you they're saying I'm here by the way -- critical she has not stopped at on the today. I -- I didn't know all day. By the -- she's -- Poland holds 42000 gallons of water but I think this is that actual news toasty 82 degrees Helms seemed to have the hot right. I guess you didn't. It's too cold it was against any -- he's spending two days and bring you if you keep them will only -- I don't know -- works for so you can -- now -- she has this down she knew exactly what she needed -- -- -- exactly 82 -- 82 different.

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{"id":20526723,"title":"Marathon Swim Ends on a Manhattan Street","duration":"3:00","description":"Diana Nyad nears the end of a 48-hour marathon swim.","url":"/WNN/video/marathon-swim-ends-manhattan-street-20526723","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}