Mark Wahlberg Pledge's Funky Bunch Reunion

"Marky Mark" and the Funky Bunch may reunite to raise money for Boston Marathon victims.
3:08 | 04/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Wahlberg Pledge's Funky Bunch Reunion
Welcome just getting everybody. We're gonna jump right in with what might be in the news for a lot of American -- fans out there -- I can tell you where and I don't -- it still are now. Lights up whenever they -- about it. Quite a big -- Then so according to -- Mark Wahlberg was. Is heat as a market mark and the funky bunch wed get together to get help put -- little -- reunion concerts to benefit the Boston bombing pad victims. And he wants. Oh there it out we may see it shirtless Mark Wahlberg didn't allow mark -- mark coming up senator. -- his 1990s. Movies and how. That's very -- I'm sure the rest of the funky bunch is quite happy about this work according to TSE apparently back in March they are asked if -- may be willing to do it they said that at reunion would be amazing how quick break -- we do it nationwide tour and not someone jump thanks so I'm more benefits. Yes Gwyneth Paltrow named the world's most beautiful woman by People Magazine all the -- -- big auto right well. Social media the Twitter verse lit up and it was not kind of give -- a couple of the it jams people -- not so happy about the one person said -- I wonder how they decide this bunch of crap. Quote when it -- -- the most beautiful woman in the world that I'm ten times Olympic bobsled gold medalists and top fighter pilot. It goes yeah money. Isn't it -- did -- -- princess but she's yeah. He takes a lot of fire unless that I don't I think I don't think there's anything wrong with her and I think there's lot of haters out there immigrants. OK moving on to the insanity as a -- but for -- -- -- performance -- there -- some -- I came out that according to her and her publicist that she was not a fan -- that she thought that they mean look at a lot of unflattering take a -- that's where winter is about there's another -- -- the -- are photographers it would -- these figures anyway now she's on her miss world -- miss -- world show worlds -- can get it out. She's on the world tour right now and she has apparently banned all of photographers from her -- She's not getting anybody press passes to take pictures instead she's gonna have her own photographer take a couple of pictures -- only giving the green attempt by preapproved image is. -- multimedia room. After the show was obviously stems from the other thing but if you ask me I think it's a little and -- So should she looks wonderful no matter what she's doing whether she's -- her dancing her to stand there are so. That it down -- did you see the Ellen show yesterday. Pretty -- it out and you're not seeing double they were two versions Ellen DeGeneres hosting a show on Wednesday -- -- actress Kate McCann and brought her. Palin impersonation to -- -- that we haven't I guess we'll just. I'm thinking -- now we kind of let another praise and audience. And advancing. Avocados. -- -- Gushed about. Long time affection for Ellen DeGeneres and DeGeneres. Provided beginning with -- now -- to match Iran and guided her to re create the impression that she did a great one how -- he never seen The Knesset on just wouldn't go away if it. Larry it's one of the better sketch that everything that has announced she nails it every shot and Allen's also was on our love interest.

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{"id":19038491,"title":"Mark Wahlberg Pledge's Funky Bunch Reunion ","duration":"3:08","description":"\"Marky Mark\" and the Funky Bunch may reunite to raise money for Boston Marathon victims.","url":"/WNN/video/mark-wahlberg-pledges-funky-bunch-reunion-19038491","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}