Mass shootings in Texas and South Carolina

In all, six people and one suspect are dead as President Joe Biden vows to take action on gun control. ABC News’ Faith Abubey has details on the suspects.
2:20 | 04/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mass shootings in Texas and South Carolina
And this morning another mass shooting in America. Police say an employee at this cabinet company in Bryan Texas shot and killed at least one person wounding five others. He did say not being. That that I had already Michael what does he say it is a Nazi because they get out it's not going to you know say anymore. The 27 year old suspect also wounding a state trooper before being arrested investigators have not released a motive. Less than 24 hours earlier a shooting Rampage in South Carolina ended with five people dead. Including a prominent local doctor or his wife and two grandchildren. A man working at the property also found dead investigators identifying the gunman as former NFL player Phillip Adams. They say he leader died by Stewart's night. At and spent five injury riddled seasons in the league suffering at least two concussions within a three game period in 2012. Reports say he may have at one time been a patient of the doctor. He's a good kid he was a good kid Lia. Outside the football Massimo. Meanwhile in Washington president Biden revealing new measures Thursday aimed at reducing gun violence going on in this country's an epidemic. And it's an international. The president using executive action to tighten regulations on so called ghost guns. Which are kits that allow people to legally build on that home that can be traced by to multiply thing restrictions on stabilizing brief that which effectively turn pistols. Into short barreled rifles. And he's encouraging states to enact a red flag laws which allow authorities to remove firearms from people who redeemed a threat. Enough prayers. Time for some action Republicans calling the president actions ill conceived and misguided. Texas governor Greg Abbott to eating burgers they just hours before the mass shooting in his state. Saying the president is quote. Threatening our Second Amendment right he just announced a new liberal par grab to take away our guns we will not allow this in Texas. After the shooting and Bryan Texas the governor saying he promises quote any help needed to prosecute the suspects and he said he's praying for the victim. And president Biden is calling for the senate to pass more substantial gun control but. That's unlikely anytime soon.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"In all, six people and one suspect are dead as President Joe Biden vows to take action on gun control. ABC News’ Faith Abubey has details on the suspects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76968386","title":"Mass shootings in Texas and South Carolina","url":"/WNN/video/mass-shootings-texas-south-carolina-76968386"}