Medical Marijuana Arrives on Capitol Hill

Will new cannabis dispensary help efforts to decriminalize the drug? ABC News' Devin Dwyer reports.
3:21 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Medical Marijuana Arrives on Capitol Hill
The -- to legalize marijuana it's now on the doorstep of congress quite literally the first pot dispensary in the nation's capital now set to open this month so will that nudge along efforts to decriminalize pot. ABC's Devin Dwyer is live in Washington with this 1 good morning -- Hey John hey Danny gets high times for pot -- -- here in Washington the industry's planting a flag in the shadow of the US capitol. -- -- -- -- watched full line medical marijuana will soon for the first time go on sale here. A so called wellness center just eight blocks from the US capitol -- the -- -- -- product selection and -- -- these -- will be filled with multiple varieties of candidates. And on those empty shells. -- -- -- Water butler's -- brownies cookies drinks absolutely the dispensary in DC is illegal under federal law which still bans the cultivation and sale of marijuana. But enthusiasts say -- safe from profitable business here could help change lawmakers' minds a recent pew poll finds a majority of Americans 52%. Now favor legalizing the drug medical marijuana is already allowed an eighteen states plus DC in Colorado and Washington pot is now available without a prescription for recreation President Obama told Barbara Walters last year he's rethinking federal prosecution of some marijuana users. It does not make sense for us to focus on recreational drug users in -- state. That. Has -- said that under state law that's legal. The big question now for pro pot states -- the Justice Department spoil plans for dozens of new dispensaries. Taxes and fees from wheat sales promised to be a bonanza of millions in much needed cash if this whole operation goes off without -- -- you think. To send a message to lawmakers and in congress I think I think that lawmakers and congress have received that message they know that there are legal states. Where it has worked. Here so far this -- so. -- bills dealing with marijuana have been introduced in the house including one that would end the federal ban but all those face an uphill climb which means for now John and Diana. That you dispensary over on Capitol Hill is still at odds with federal law. Isn't that interesting right underneath their noses and I don't and what's going to happen so. Now let's be set up shop I guess the question is how easy -- -- didn't need to get this marijuana in DC once the dispensaries are open and they're available for. -- -- -- -- they say this is not definitely not going to be a weed free for all the capital. There's some pretty tight rules by the district you gotta be a resident here you've have to have one of the qualifying diseases it's a very short list like an answer aids. Then you've got a buyout license you've got to get approved by doctor you've got to get it certified -- application fee. So I don't expect there will be seen nag any marijuana sort of free flowing through the halls of Capitol Hill anytime soon any concerned the Justice Department might try to crack down on these dispensers. Well it's hard to believe -- -- didn't the Department of Justice headquarters is just four miles from that dispensary that we -- -- General manager said here she's not worried about it but we'll see what those who have -- -- in the next few weeks. I just wanna open up than to -- who shop right next. And dispensaries that we also have the right -- every adult -- and -- -- thank you.

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{"id":19148893,"title":"Medical Marijuana Arrives on Capitol Hill","duration":"3:21","description":"Will new cannabis dispensary help efforts to decriminalize the drug? ABC News' Devin Dwyer reports.","url":"/WNN/video/medical-marijuana-arrives-capitol-hill-19148893","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}