Meet the Breakdancing Businessman

55-year-old Steve Graham mastered wild moves in the 1980s before becoming a private equity executive.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet the Breakdancing Businessman
-- All right next time never judge a book by the cover. Case in point a guy named Steve -- 55 years old he's a private equity executive. He runs Philadelphia's -- partners. He's financial heavy hitter 55 years -- -- Put it on up. He's also an insanely talented break dancer like the real warm up apparently back in the eighties he was known as -- what -- silverback. Can call them and that's it -- now. I was Vanilla shake my value. And voice that would back up right where -- -- actually try to. He got his start in the eighties working as an analyst at Goldman Sachs used to go to that Chelsea club the Roxy -- yeah. -- of the south fox. And he. Dance through all the street -- as they're known -- McCain really well known in the breaking world well he got his kids into a couple of years ago when he got back into it. So he's he's putting on these free clinics and he's still an incredible 55 years old my goodness. Must -- practicing a lot because he's dead it looks like yet -- any of the skills. Back in the day pretty good -- million dollars -- day loses million dollars by -- -- -- -- yourself. Breaks -- pay so I imagine pulling up to drive through fast food restaurant and this is what you -- check it out. I get paid to -- the -- -- give women a -- will be happy Ron hear it I -- Hello I'm. Mediated. Sure. Didn't get in the game Randy -- he works at a Wendy's in spring falls Idaho and this -- does these things to customers is faithful -- -- order -- They're dragged through me also little entertainment to come with those. -- -- -- -- -- As long as he's just not like doing a big finish nineteen please pay no hell is just have to exactly here's here's a feel good story ten year old guy whose name is Keegan and kept -- -- -- terminal cancer. And he's crossed -- one of the things on his bucket list after learning that homeless protesters were going to be moved out of a site. He decided to make breakfast for the campers at the site. Here's why he decided to do. That's -- of people becoming only senator Larry King Martin. Compliments. And is diagnosed with a terrible form of we we -- which is cancerous tumor that affects the brain and spine. -- is that a lot of supplements what makes them feel good -- sets him and his stepfather planned return this week. -- Chile regardless of whether or not the city removed. Homeless campers from that property might want to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A patient living on you know those Duck Tours you can do -- -- got a lady go into the water where this guy is invented something similar but. -- -- every -- person check this out it can go. Eighty miles an hour on land and without even breaking just goes right into the water that it's a boat that 45 miles and going when those agreements like one to two right now the honor that gets to -- on the west that I wouldn't mind get.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"55-year-old Steve Graham mastered wild moves in the 1980s before becoming a private equity executive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21595046","title":"Meet the Breakdancing Businessman","url":"/WNN/video/meet-breakdancing-businessman-21595046"}