Mega Ship Inspired by New York City

Norwegian's Breakaway cruise ship can carry 4,000 passengers.
2:37 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Mega Ship Inspired by New York City
Different industries been in the headlines lately and not always for good resent that that may be changing -- with the launch of the industry's latest. Mega -- yet Norwegian cruise lines a breakaway was christened and its home port of New York. Take a -- now with ABC's award travel and lifestyle editor Genevieve Shaw brown. Ships are often called floating cities and describes Norwegian breakaway to ET. You add on amusement park -- talent sports complex and it's all contained on a 4000 passenger pleasure -- the length of three and a half football fields. Sophisticated. Awesome yes like Panasonic. And it's with twenty dining options more than 2000 state rooms 23000. Square foot spa and fitness center and five water slides and most of any ship and see -- is using the breakaway upped the ante and compete with. Premium cruise lines like Holland America and celebrity to. The -- that would change this industry forever. Breakaway of -- south seven night cruises from New York City to the Bahamas inform you that but if you're cutting on this -- you better be a big fan of the Big Apple because this city implement it everywhere. I grew up in the city -- one in the village in the actually drove a New York City taxicab. -- college. But fully bulletin today I've wanted this -- to resemble a New York. Experience from the artwork on the ship's haul to the sculptures of statue of liberty and Chrysler Building -- ice bar to the ocean blue restaurant -- famed New York City shaft and Food Network star. Jeffries -- -- and -- -- three hot dogs from real New York City hot dog stands 23 Broadway shows on sailing including the huge hit. -- -- -- Even paint boxes come aboard -- -- secondly I mean here we felt we had and as one of our Rick way is just the beginning -- regions lead this class of chat. The line is planning at least two more like it to debut in the next two years. Genevieve shot brown ABC news. New York. -- never gonna crews still. Just ask you are you Chris Canada I've never gone -- I'm just afraid that I'd get seasick. But I didn't understand the seasick but we have today. -- leg and that is why our million -- analysts. To bad gig. And I'm excited. Marianne doesn't hurt that little -- my -- to -- -- that nobody I know -- dog ginger that's just something he's somebody else. Is that really -- -- maybe it's really ginger yet. I don't know with a I have no idea about me. Showing these pictures my head and not gotten what they said they have cook pop up not -- That -- -- and I are in.

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{"id":19140464,"title":"Mega Ship Inspired by New York City","duration":"2:37","description":"Norwegian's Breakaway cruise ship can carry 4,000 passengers. ","url":"/WNN/video/mega-ship-inspired-york-city-19140464","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}