Miley Cyrus Topless on 'Rolling Stone'

The twerking "Wrecking Ball" singer bares all in new issue.
3:51 | 09/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miley Cyrus Topless on 'Rolling Stone'
-- most -- decided Tuesday. Nothing yet and we're not even this is new stuff not even rehashing -- New cover of the Rolling Stone coming out October she's done it and man oh man yeah -- -- -- can't get. And nice nice little tongue action there she's completely topless -- the arms is the idea that she just got out of the pool and she was skated. Sounds they -- -- actually besides that -- racy picture. She goes on to give some quotes about things he says this. Now between people expect me come out and tore through my tongue out all the time and I'll probably never do that this word again she explains that she wasn't try to be sexy when she was dancing with Robin they can do blurred -- things she says -- -- try to -- -- I could have been sexy dance a whole lot better than that they're distinct picture also. From the several system chute apparently well during the interview. She got that tattoo -- on the bottom -- repeat Rolling Stone. -- at a random spur of the moment decision. Today -- -- how -- your daily fix of Miley. Topless -- you. And no opinion on I know yes you do -- I -- yeah I know I know what you get yes I. I don't have a share all of idiot I got there are the words that I want you -- -- my opinion for Miley Cyrus I -- is on television got to somehow mentally at tech tech. -- residents -- now. Actually isn't sad news coming out -- Dancing With The Stars Bill Nye the Science Guy ain't got injured during one of his practice says there's a picture of him at the hospital. Not a lot of information coming out Dancing With The Stars the producers but he tweeted out working with a partially torn -- Planned to be dancing next -- outstanding. Eight. And then it spread disease really -- -- rather elevate your life divide getting hot oatmeal like Dunston religion -- god I'm turning what goes on that show like clean injury immediately -- now -- actually is doing a little bit better. Better initially he was. On the chopping block -- last week he'd been performed a possibility that seventeen at the thirties. He may be on the rise but we'll please increase -- him out. Sites tracked him -- -- all right let's talk about a classic comedy dumb and dumber guess 1994. The sequels coming dumb and dumber. Two -- so becoming ever to hit and Jeff Daniels. Tweeting out a picture. -- -- -- -- Basically shot -- him and Jim -- and that basically say get ready for the first series -- -- -- be in the installment. They'll be added that about 2014 will be directed by the Farrelly Brothers wow what's up the still funny it's been a long time I love the first one so you're telling me there's a chance -- New -- -- -- -- and. You don't have to save your thoughts and opinions about that movie on both sides can't really really really gross but I let me know where a rally tonight not so good is at the scene where he's about to be used to not go -- and yet. -- -- -- -- OK if we now know that -- are the highest paid hip hop artists are according to forms. Are you read AM drug world play is back. Did they come and number one which is surprising to me how much daisy came in -- numero two. -- to say exactly how much everybody's making it just says how much they are war. The tavern his daddy fifty million over the past twelve months -- -- 43 million net and I don't know that that makes a whole -- because I was thinking he would be first although he combines easy with beyoncé. Thank you really have -- -- our contract that that he hasn't -- -- companies is the lines. Ask your bat makes sense Dr. -- -- and that number three with forty million -- -- southern human -- she rounded -- The top. OR and she's also the highest paid female hip hop artist is very interesting so there you have it.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":20365603,"title":"Miley Cyrus Topless on 'Rolling Stone'","duration":"3:51","description":"The twerking \"Wrecking Ball\" singer bares all in new issue.","url":"/WNN/video/miley-cyrus-topless-rolling-stone-20365603","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}