The Milk Riders

A New York biker group delivers pasteurized breast milk for babies in need. ABC's Rachel Scott reports.
2:57 | 08/09/17

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Transcript for The Milk Riders
There's actual video of Rough Riders rolling through times greater. There's a dance to this has not yet they left. Because DMX. Because of motorcycle gangs may be getting a bad rap from editors became. Mayor sitting out one group is proving to be a godsend for new mobs here's ABC's Rachel Scott with the story. The sirens biker group takes a few things very seriously fair motorcycles bear decorated jacket. And delivering pasteurized rusty what. What these bikers are delivering donated breast milk to babies who need it. Referring it all started when the New York milk being stamp realized they needed a quicker way to transport middle. I was sitting in Tra. I think one day I watched. Motorcyclist Bubba leaving the center lane and I thought wouldn't it be great if we had some. A group that delivered milk in it out of Manhattan threat. The sirens were thrilled and even begin embracing a new name the milk writers. We pull up to the dock here at the milk bank they have prepackaged bids. Thin like freezer bags and boxes that are safe for the milk to travel and strapping on the bike we head out. Now it's infant in the hands of mothers who need it. Mothers like April they get deep daughter Ariel was born with a series intestinal disease called neck or ties and Interpol slightest we tied pharma not. And humanism bombing Nina and bond many in the for the planet dehydration and half but I. This is how much of breast milk Ariel is whether people punts and just one week. It's thirty milliliters and this is how much baby RE LA needs to survive that's 7000 milliliters. Per week. At this point it's our own niece source of nutrition. So had we not have enough playing. My husband now I have to express evident now with our area with the image to try and meet. On pup on I Vienna hospital. The these bankers it's time on the road Wolfe spent I have such a big passion for riding my bike and to be able to couple that with being able to help someone who's. Awesome new relationships for now the necessity. And here but generosity so I can't say anything else but help immensely grateful we are just firings for what they've done for us. They get this bill got the babies that need it at that made it at that moment can be saving a baby's life by doing Rachel Scott ABC news New York. Such a creative initiative who might have. That yeah I'll did release a tough I had just don't think there delivering milk and milk writers. Like the name and the milk that is blow. Stuff. Grabbed the breast milk does.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"A New York biker group delivers pasteurized breast milk for babies in need. ABC's Rachel Scott reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"49109832","title":"The Milk Riders","url":"/WNN/video/milk-riders-49109832"}