$1 million vaccine incentive

Ohio is giving five adults $1 million each for getting at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports.
2:01 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for $1 million vaccine incentive
Dowd of the pandemic in a big new incentive to get vaccinated one. Million dollars that's what one state is now offering in hopes of getting. More shots into arms ABC's Alex for Shea is here to tell us how we get that 1000000000 dollars Alex good morning. Good morning Andrew look we've seen a lot of incentives to did not vaccinated from free Beers to it to donuts. Even baseball tickets but now getting vaccinated could make you a millionaire. This morning vaccinated people in Ohio are getting a shot at a massive pay out the state is giving five adults one million dollars each in return for getting at least one dose of the vaccine. To be eligible to win. Must be at least eighteen years of age or older on the day of the drawn must be Ohio restaurant you must be vaccinated before the draw. Federal corona virus relief funds will be used for the prizes Ohio congressman Jim Jordan a frequent critic of Covert restrictions tweeting we've gone from fifteen days to slow the spread to one million dollars if you get the Kobe nineteen vaccine. Only in this country do we have to pick people. To take a miracle truck the incentive comes as more Americans are now eligible for the vaccine. Today major pharmacies will begin offering shots to kids as youngest twelve police fourteen year old twins in Houston Marty debt Ayers. Feel a little bit of xenophobia felon hurt but villas market in her battle I think honestly the benefits outweigh. The side of the. Meanwhile a growing called it mystery for the New York Yankees the team says seven staff members have now tested positive for the virus. Even though they were all vaccinated. We've always known that the vaccines are not a 100% of active and I know that the Yankees themselves said. They were starting to relax a little bit around each other's ability any tighten up a little bit the asking and just hasn't seen when they're not blame. It has more Americans get vaccinated the CDC is under pressure to relax guidelines. On mast the CBC directors saying last night that new guidelines are coming very soon. Editor Alex thank you.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Ohio is giving five adults $1 million each for getting at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77663453","title":"$1 million vaccine incentive","url":"/WNN/video/million-vaccine-incentive-77663453"}