Molson Wins Big in Sochi Marketing Stunt

Only a Canadian passport can get you free beer from public refrigerators in Sochi.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Molson Wins Big in Sochi Marketing Stunt
Next time. And proof when it comes in the Winter Olympics the Canadians are -- superpower OK here -- some marketing superpower for Molson. This is and so -- Molson -- -- there of the Canadian leave their pets. -- -- out there it's basically a vending machine. -- -- to get a free beer not opening up offensive -- got the -- long ball yes you have a Canadian passport and slide and then there and it opens up. And the good news is what's this guy comes up he's allowed to have as much or is he wants we passes -- up to express. -- say delegate got some -- -- in this ABC news producer Meredith Ross treated well fled Canada well played. And John over -- said first time I ever wanted to -- Canadian. Say good idea to when he gets free -- get -- vending machine in Michigan passport opens up. In the -- adult reader yeah. It was the year I love the penalty -- and vending machine okay still I grew up playing Super Mario Brothers and Nintendo. Yes OK -- now they're class and it up check this guy out playing the theme song I'm violent day. Any real I think it's actually yeah yeah. And slowing down speeding up and apparently also makes some help get the plane noise in America when you -- -- all the points out of the sky didn't panic and yeah it's pretty cold it's totally. Speaking of -- I don't know what to say about this because -- -- -- the -- information but it's just plain local watch this the camera falls from. Presumably somebody on this plane falls out you watch the whole thing -- about it was drops -- of thousands of -- -- eventually landed a pig -- troubled places on -- farm. Watch what happens when the -- walks up and checks out the camera never -- -- We're in the months OK Clayton or wait for checking out sniffs it. This -- -- the right thank you try to eat it what's what -- out margins seven point if you shot in the inside the pig's mouth got -- -- extreme in today's. Let's stay I don't and -- there's no way to -- planned to have a camera idle hands. I think nobody really remember would that be right there on -- OK so. This is incredible the world's biggest dog and right now is a -- names -- but he's about to get knocked out of the running for mentally 'cause. There is a puppy that is seven feet four inches check this out it's a Great Dane. -- and can you believe this was the runt of the litter so this dog is only eighteen months old and right now is only three inches short of the world records even. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In only a matter attacked me than any day now have a new world record -- that -- -- on that guy is. He's got a house and home.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Only a Canadian passport can get you free beer from public refrigerators in Sochi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22475583","title":"Molson Wins Big in Sochi Marketing Stunt","url":"/WNN/video/molson-wins-big-sochi-marketing-stunt-22475583"}