Mother's Day Shocking Gift Ideas

A pink Taser tops the list of gifts for mom this year.
2:54 | 05/06/13

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Transcript for Mother's Day Shocking Gift Ideas
All right it's time for -- the knicks have got a really good one afraid John laid on me -- an excuse for a -- to drink more champagne to a researcher risking in England at the University of Reading. Have discovered a possible link between. Generous daily champagne consumption and brain health generous -- you. Studies like he could have happened the last I don't know this is three glasses of sparkling wine a day listening and it was removed memory. How could even potentially hinder brain disorders such as dementia and alzheimer's apparently sent -- into the compound is found and black breaks. Really. Three last spring -- -- Hospital three -- later my goodness it sounds like a it's like a dream come true of some -- Mother's Day. You know there's the flowers chocolates the chain restaurant all these things will look. Nice folks at Huffington post's weird news put together a list of twenty weird things you can get your mom and we just stole five -- figure that -- number one. This is very odd wearable over filters give mom -- wearable over filter that allow her to walk around a messy house but out smelling the -- -- -- -- -- -- Flat like ice cream attempts actually -- when it. Who -- the -- prevent that by applying the same space age technology that brought you the bears cousy. Can check out about how to paint -- -- -- Well it's good looking anyway I guess it's just taser that's think all right excellent news little could go look peaceful and -- -- and that's kind of useful behind you up with. Wine bottle of wine glass a wine glass for the rest of us at mountain lakes a little -- she's probably you love -- lots. -- wine glass celebrity drink to our hearts content while being able. Say just having one all right as we -- so weird it's called -- squat strap check this out what this is for when you. Do when -- business in the forest camping or something it allows you get support around a tree and -- even. -- toilet paper I don't think my mom's gonna groove on any of these five but -- -- a -- -- incredibly -- to effectively. It's. Heated toilet paper and even I don't think -- The -- -- last updating double plays on a pig it's an amazing viral video -- Video player not a big kind of says -- paying to kill obviously. He's very town knows little kid and his popularity -- Ivan Watson. I know he's out of -- all heard if you -- off the back door Obama stays away from the. Good to see anything you like -- that mothers day list. You know maybe the line maybe the line model one -- dictators think -- I think it's very appropriate we'll see.

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{"id":19116848,"title":"Mother's Day Shocking Gift Ideas","duration":"2:54","description":"A pink Taser tops the list of gifts for mom this year.","url":"/WNN/video/mothers-day-shocking-gift-ideas-19116848","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}