Nancy Kerrigan Attacked During Practice: ABC News Vault

The American figure skater was clubbed in the right knee during a practice round on Jan. 6, 1994.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nancy Kerrigan Attacked During Practice: ABC News Vault
It was a crime none of competition -- almost unbelievable accusation. Involving one of the most high profile skaters in the world. At twenty years ago today Nancy Kerrigan was seriously hurt in an attack that was masterminded by fellow skater Tonya harding's ex husband. This morning we open the world news now -- to take you back to January 6 1994. In Detroit today there's been a violent attack on an American athlete Nancy Carrigan the American figure skater. Who was widely considered a favorite to win a medal at the Winter Olympics was attacked at a practice session for the US Figure Skating Championships. Observers were immediately reminded of the attack last April on the tennis star Monica Seles who was stabbed at a match in Germany by a man who was never punished for the attack. ABC's Aaron Brown reports tonight from Detroit on today's attack. Nancy Kerrigan was making a comeback of sorts -- disastrous year last year. Skating well by all accounts trying to claim one of two Olympic spots on Saturday night. She was practicing for that performance this afternoon. She was just leaving the ice reporter Dana -- was waiting to interview and large man 62200. Pounds. Do you know came running out just kind of crouched when he got to her. -- a couple times of some type of weapon. Carrigan was hit several times on the way around the need by what's been described as a club are some sort -- would play. She was carried to the locker room but was later able to walk to the car that took her to the hospital treatment. -- this evening she was released from the hospital. Until today she was thought to be a virtual shoo in for the Olympics. This evening the president of the US Figure Skating Association said that American must compete in tomorrow's initial program. Or she will not be allowed on the -- At her best a stunning and graceful performer Nancy Kerrigan -- to -- father after the attack I am scared. And to no one in particular. -- Aaron Brown ABC news Detroit. And of course in the weeks that follow the world learned who was behind the attack his name was changed slant. And he was part of a plot hatched by rival skater Tonya harding's ex husband and of course Harding would eventually plead guilty to conspiring to. Hindering prosecution of the case she was banned from life. -- -- skating then later went on to have several run ins with the law and also compete in professional wrestling and boxing. I remember that like it was yesterday I remember that footage that was so difficult to watch -- just screenings and why why why he really. Fell four and now it's interesting hearing from Tonya Harding -- spoke to ESPN and during her side of things absolutely such a defining moment and --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The American figure skater was clubbed in the right knee during a practice round on Jan. 6, 1994.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21433176","title":"Nancy Kerrigan Attacked During Practice: ABC News Vault","url":"/WNN/video/nancy-kerrigan-attacked-practice-abc-news-vault-21433176"}