It's National Blueberry Pancake Day!

Katie Workman brought some delicious pancakes for our Will Ganss and Kenneth Moton to celebrate.
3:59 | 01/28/19

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Transcript for It's National Blueberry Pancake Day!
Yeah. Welcome back no matter what you call them flap jacks hot cakes or even Johnny cakes. Today is national blueberry pancake day in joining us with a couple of innovative recipe ideas. Is Katie worked men author of the mom 100 cookbook good Cady and ring happy see happy national blueberry pancake the most important holiday of the year is. Eight as we kind of drugs of the team I think we night yet we're like Aaron yes we have put up that very call it thanks. It's okay as I love it a joke that that date yet to add the I know I love it others but. But also is these liberate pancakes you and I were talking before we came back from break. This is like the home run addicts like a silly detects all the boxes absolutely yummy it's a crowd pleaser at the got Barry is it's a little healthy yeah. How they and and we actually it's interesting because just goals of the study and turned that over 80% of people. Do you something's naturally sweet like a Barry say that their meat is elevated so if you can start your day that way that's a pretty good day all right tie it and starting it. This way with you for a recent third reason exactly and we have to kind of nice twists on the blueberry pancake collegiate and these are eleven were caught up blueberry pancakes. And I wanted to serve you sum up very shortly and he's our whole wheat buttermilk. Blueberry pancakes whole wheat and buttermilk get like we are saying that delay mixes like. You're healthy heading in this is what you're doing better than you can either read a big guy you'd still be better hang on a platter of the is I don't know about stats I'm sticking with Beth. Perfect all right so what are we what is arguments over the whole wheat or the latter got to do what I securities perfect Herring. So yeah where I was so excited to be out. Working with fiscal had actually been out to their Berry fields which is super cool in California rice and this one on your lap tops the ricotta lemon of cannot so holy buttermilk you can put some whip cream on sports media to be a little. I mean action or sugar reacted Meehan and turn all of that is to all accidents and his act. And and help yourself to Naples Sarah of course tags. Awesome moment ago real heavy on this debt debt debt and then there's nice and berg survey there. Yes so tablets it's so any holiday that celebrates a Barry is of course like an amazing thing in my brands you don't just goals has this whole team like. Buried together error and. Couldn't pick sentence again started airlock. Art in eradicating that Heidi how are younger I had to get in on this let me comment is still threatening situation started happening how does he. Guys that the party we let your patter of little yeah amen I. I had to get some of those because I loved being paid using and I am starving. Always especially on this basis house GAAP. I do have a rule about no cards at this hour but but there have Barry's amount they do it cancels an opponent and an. All of that's that you see what Ben just goals but. How does not horrible as an assistant head into the get a all of you that right OIEDOT. Here they're gonna get I have. And not yeah she's ever there she's not coming out okay there yeah Rene not a pretty true feeling all right. This is incredible I'm gonna get into the holy and just to sit in just a minute I think you so much for being here thank you out her great to be our day off Whitman the best. Yeah and that you know what I'm just gonna say it takes the Barry's because they're so sweet you almost don't need to stay out the winner of the bearings. Here's the only want to continue that here so. That's just you Kenneth yeah in fact they won't just how I don't. He is off to the left for links to these other scrumptious pancake recipes check out our website WNN bands dot com. Experts updating Workman think it's a much for joining us you guys are watching bugs them down and Ramona area just definitely.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Katie Workman brought some delicious pancakes for our Will Ganss and Kenneth Moton to celebrate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60671688","title":"It's National Blueberry Pancake Day!","url":"/WNN/video/national-blueberry-pancake-day-60671688"}