National Strawberry Shortcake Day

National Strawberry Shortcake Day Two-time winner of 'Chopped,' Chef James Briscione, shows us the right way to celebrate with the classic dessert
2:57 | 06/14/17

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Transcript for National Strawberry Shortcake Day
Good morning to all it is national Flag Day and it's also national strawberry shortcake and it Endesa ended east that you guys and celebrating the war weary and ready to but. Joining us black and we've got seven different Sione in the how awesome having two time champion of jobs and director at the institute of culinary education you're the guests here you're gonna show us how to properly celebrate and is that we. I'm and I. The first goal beautiful fresh strawberries and celebrate with friends share some berries have a great time but he's register racial really dead yet sun actually. Yeah. I see tennis and stopped eating for a minute I think they've unleashed. The big east you don't understand for you for more than a year now I have not even on TV and yes I expressed. They two were making up. Proper strawberries are let's so you've got the big basing this upon DC the little small ones you know you doesn't want. Dessert in a restaurant you can even if she did go with the Brooklyn here aren't part of the game. But it's strawberry struck and rights of the keys. Craig Barrett said that as a chef. Threatened with McHale and that is that other. You know I don't know more like five seconds I can't think yeah. I'll be keeping good buries his go to brandy trust Mike Driscoll shot that's the only one here on in my refrigerator can only express juicy. Delicious bursting with flavor best market all of them don't follow him as some of that vulnerability. Here is there guys this layers because there's like this is of the you want a (%expletive) about that let's. Enjoy that part of your models you can that's great that was the one Diane made earlier and I Palestinian you can not sure I like they didn't meet the other team here I'm more intellect of the Kate up to rest thank. Model selling off your ha ha. You can go for your little skinny minute shortcake. More cringe you go and ask your screen can't go more than three layers we don't know what they are. Could there soon. Because if socialism really funding debate you can really witness and across together pretty well quickly we're not makers and even I don't know Andre Gurode. Then and seeking get refusals crystals dot com get the recipes but this is my favorite I love yes strawberry shortcake some. This yet or society such talk could Horace grant. Author of the Charlie got a public entity other worried into little terrorists or we're not breaking any flames in here today and at a gum but not at six. If your lord resting up hey we love broccoli onions are beautiful. And I don't want there are in the celebrated its who's gonna throw a few fresh strawberries might Bob you talk could not. Little more. And I and then mushrooms. I was Gilroy so busy Red Bryant. And blue. Yeah its good there are brigade in there was more room and did. Yeah that.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"National Strawberry Shortcake Day Two-time winner of 'Chopped,' Chef James Briscione, shows us the right way to celebrate with the classic dessert ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"48025958","title":"National Strawberry Shortcake Day","url":"/WNN/video/national-strawberry-shortcake-day-48025958"}