Navy Commander at Guantanamo Bay Fired

The officer was relieved of command following an alleged affair and suspicious death, authorities said.
1:35 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Navy Commander at Guantanamo Bay Fired
Good morning everybody if she's able tambourine and nine of the top stories on this Thursday January 22. We begin with the firing of the commander of the US naval station at Guantanamo Bay. John Middleton is under investigation for having an affair with a civilian on the basing US officials said the affair came to light as a result of the investigation into the death. Of the woman's husband his body was discovered by the Coast Guard. 41 ton of eight bay Cuba earlier this month. So far received a New Jersey has a huge apartment complex goes up in flames. If forefront or destroyed the building in Edgewater just crossed the river from Manhattan hundreds lost their homes as firefighters struggle to battles planes. In gusty winds and frigid temperatures building was evacuated no reports of injuries. How little reminder of the Newtown school shooting is going to be torn down officials in Connecticut agreed that last night to raise the home Adam lands a shared with his mother. The land will be kept as open space it was inside the house that Lanza murdered his mother and went on to kill 26 people at sandy hook elementary before killing himself. And five a blissful beach Florida new luxury Condo building is promising to have. All the latest three technology when it's done about a year to continue to dream that theme the developers are offering buyers a new test luck. Electric car if they buy one of the units those units started 2.3 million dollars Tesla model S to do get the cost about seventy grain. You get more news own lahood I was sentenced deal. It is still need to get more news about that steel and ABC news that come and ever and thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"The officer was relieved of command following an alleged affair and suspicious death, authorities said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28397441","title":"Navy Commander at Guantanamo Bay Fired","url":"/WNN/video/navy-commander-guantanamo-bay-fired-28397441"}