Newtown Tribute at Super Bowl

Jennifer Hudson will sing "America the Beautiful" with the Sandy Hook student choir.
3:02 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Newtown Tribute at Super Bowl
And wow I'm so proud hey that's Fannie and -- actions -- -- his birthday tomorrow that's -- Willis is feeling good yeah. Then -- you look good for ninety's all right ha ha. Really cool moment after Super Bowl coming up -- say this I really love Jennifer Hudson's -- -- do America the beautiful -- she's gonna perform the song. With -- -- -- elementary school choir -- -- it. About twenty -- twenty students -- so in that choir as an addition to Lisa Keyes doing the National Anthem course -- is gonna do. The halftime show college I was gonna perform with these these kids from the school now receive tribute to what happened. In -- back in December I think this is going to be a really great moments of just pay attention that this -- come -- I'm -- -- That of that to the show -- -- it's such a great job with the inauguration there music dance labs absolutely so far very cool. Now however Geraldo Rivera and we all know who who were although it. He apparently is contemplating a run for the senate to vote seat in New Jersey yeah. Fourteenth he is a republic -- he is a self professed NRA memory sort of a law and order guy. Annie says you know I'm really going to to take Iraq and I've got to tell you some people are -- Hey listen if he does this he could have the endorsement of Governor Christie and imagine both of them stumping. It could be pretty incredible -- of course would have to run against either Frank Lautenberg or perhaps Cory Booker who is beloved in New Jersey politics out. He's -- uphill battle but perhaps senator bring America. That he and his I don't Ireland the media personality have to wonder how bad his background would play into the race things done instead because obviously the media there's a lot of people things we say you run off. People -- that's how did you did you stay home and -- throws a chair -- on the campaign. Also beyoncé speaking her in the Super Bowl to her of the documentary behind the scenes in her life it's called life is but a dream. Job premieres tonight on HBO for the first time she opens up. About her miscarriage she was the pregnancy was going well and -- all the since he -- back to the doctor and there was no heartbeat she says I went into the studio and wrote this at a solid ever written in my life -- -- named the exact track on the latest album. And it was actually the first song I wrote for my album and was the best form of therapy for me because it was to say this thing I've ever been through so get a -- marry her super premieres tonight at Ellis is going to be really open and and really -- of course this is all film before inauguration -- same gate and she what she had a beautiful baby in January Blue Ivy yes. I'm. Check it out I'm not gonna comment on now we -- according to -- -- -- yes. Com missed madam Obama Michelle Obama I lover who doesn't love her -- love. Karl Lagerfeld doesn't lover banks -- -- this -- Chanel designer he makes it look like an anchorwoman. How. Carlo. Looks good and you know who have been losing -- -- -- getting much of the grandmother.

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{"id":18374131,"title":"Newtown Tribute at Super Bowl","duration":"3:02","description":"Jennifer Hudson will sing \"America the Beautiful\" with the Sandy Hook student choir.","url":"/WNN/video/newtown-tribute-super-bowl-18374131","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}