WNN's New Year Eve Party With Michael Ferraro

One of New York City's top celebrity chefs shows us some delicious ideas to keep your guests happy.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN's New Year Eve Party With Michael Ferraro
Your New Year's celebration can have gore made his -- if you know what to do this morning we're welcoming back Michael Ferraro an accomplished executive chef here at New York's delicatessen for his son and fresh spin on -- and dying good morning Michael -- you overtime for coming and joining us. -- -- people are worried about their party but -- worrying about the food because that's a staple when it comes to having a great part for -- -- the poorest people -- judge the true. But you got easy quick things that we can do so we're not in the cantonal -- Absolutely we have traditions here and busy TV look -- you look very you know -- for gold but they're -- -- how easy it really is OK here we have a -- salmon can pay. And you see how classic comes together I mean they have bright red cut him in the squares. Pass some butter over -- -- some nice quality -- salmon bread and top. I have some -- -- he news sour cream also mean I can't price -- yeah. That goes on top a little bit of red onion and some -- Harry and -- this. Sure I serve him just like that as your guests arrive by the -- and that's exactly like what you did and execute three seconds exactly. Exactly so no camera magic actually that easy to -- really is so you're gonna get started next time try -- on the right -- -- itself is not this is delicious got. So the next that she's -- crab dip. It's something that you can make way in advance. Com as your guests come it's on that they can help themselves and so you know even -- -- having the party -- enjoy it also you don't want to be stressed about. Putting things together so. -- did you make -- way had a time there -- serve it warm -- guests can come in you have some Baghdad little bit ala will song pat traumatic toasted them. Serving spoon and he was just kinda help themselves that this is a very small -- that you made it didn't he make this and -- -- quantity is of course you can you can make -- in in huge trade. -- -- conservative and that also sell -- -- ourselves out of that. Get us started here and it did all the work and I get to try it out and know that the recipe is going to be on our website but just think it doesn't run -- what's in here is it looks very complicated to be honest with you and I'm not a -- when it comes to this kind of thing so I'm a little intimidated by the look about well there's -- There's a lot of different ways you can go about crab dip from this is my own -- mild version of it I started -- Nationale very simple flour butter. Milk that is the basis of the next. Then told there's a lot of different spices herbs and aromatic that go into it here the topping his -- Reno and -- bread crumbs with herbs. -- so this is my variation and again it's on the website to check it out it looks complicated but it's not and it's one in my favor. Nice and easy now we cover the food and that's nice in and then all but really it's about the -- can -- -- in New Year's undergraduates. And for those of them drinking out there you know of course join be settled in for the night air traffic kitty cat get a -- -- enjoy the night with a cocktail that's. So I'm making a classic champagne -- okay I see bidders and yet it bidders. And -- sugar cube. So just a few drops of bitter over that your -- I don't need more than that and conspirators don't. Champagne. Turning. And you know it's a nice spin on just the the normal you know champagne and even if you set these up for toasts. It's something a little bit different you know it's different it's got something a little interesting in their get people talking about it yeah and then you know it's. It just adds that much to you to your party you know. And an AKA finish it with some -- that's. Does -- see there I mean there's so much flavor here all that. Citrus oil just popping out and fitness just looks so they city and you see how easy is always -- -- now. Having sent -- We through this party together and what was it didn't not even -- -- now you take -- now and smells good that's the most I can do with an alcoholic -- these days. Tastes good. I can definitely celebrate like the rest of -- -- -- I'm ready to ring in 2000 boards say happy new idea yet thank you once again thank you executives of Michael Ferraro once again for joining us and we will be sharing all of his recipes on our FaceBook -- -- -- -- -- -- dot com. Happy new year you're watching world news now.

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{"id":21377274,"title":"WNN's New Year Eve Party With Michael Ferraro","duration":"3:00","description":"One of New York City's top celebrity chefs shows us some delicious ideas to keep your guests happy.","url":"/WNN/video/newyear-eve-party-ideas-michael-ferraro-21377274","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}