North Korea Invents Hangover-Free Alcohol

North Korea has released a statement claiming that one of their factories has perfected a ginseng-based alcohol that won't cause hangovers.
2:53 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for North Korea Invents Hangover-Free Alcohol
OK so topping the makes you know North Korea as well known for many many scientific break rivers. OK and apparently they've come up with another one as we love they have found the definitive cure for a hangover. It's actually a drink in North Korean ginseng liquor. That can't be drunk without fear of came over so we'll give you party. But the DP RK also claims that they won't give you to hang over in the morning picture that's not just a bottle of olive oil it. Might not be Maggie Korean book about a boy who knows that Cummings. Looks like the bottom that he pops out of I dream of genie but it they say it's a cure for alcohol it includes. Jensen of course that's scorched lewdness rice was apparently helps illuminate both bitterness. And handle so once again for public everything you would eat if you had a hangover but still bottom. Yes. They've they've made successful president Jimmy rice the epic he everything. Who have galore. Apparently isn't it called Don you know you Wear since I had. For further downward talent on the efforts new media to doubt. This is in Hong Kong. They're try to break a Guinness book of world records record and it was led by. Still got teacher sees that act comment Tilde 270 don't expect dissipated. The very friends there yet to confirm whether they did break the record but all the proceeds of this talk on the bed go to Hong Kong guide dog association we like that good. The group now there. But I didn't know or. Had good dogs and the real diamond dot I get together that would be my response. Yes that's our rabid dog hero world news now OK how about this for sticky situation and Ontario and I sticky being the key word. Check out this guy. He apparently stole 15100. Dollars worth of chewing gum. Surveillance cameras capturing him twice going into this convenience store and just walking out. With chewing gum apparently the equivalent of 904 packs of gum. He's called the freshen breath banded there in Ontario. They still haven't found him and they haven't found a reason why. An ad budget by the way do you know what they called the detective that's looking for have known of gun shoot. Oh. But that was really got them together and yours was at sugar free it was it's here. The second lets us Kidd why. Tweet at us. Got to show you putting skiing to the new level and I strapped soccer players to the activists are painful and then shreds of fresh powder at night. He didn't just use structure at. While much efforts in dar un hip. And what if you could tell us much else.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"North Korea has released a statement claiming that one of their factories has perfected a ginseng-based alcohol that won't cause hangovers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36370828","title":"North Korea Invents Hangover-Free Alcohol","url":"/WNN/video/north-korea-invents-hangover-free-alcohol-36370828"}