Obama Women Travel to Morocco

First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters dine with the Princess of Morocco.
3:02 | 06/29/16

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Transcript for Obama Women Travel to Morocco
I'm happy this hideous topping Atlanta this morning he'll fumble ladies and mixing with royalty in Kanye is part of their six day trip First Lady Michelle Obama along with. Daughter Sasha and Malia and of course her mother. Sat down for traditional Moroccan. If tarred the dinner breaking the Muslim fast during Ramadan it would. Excuse me. They were joined by prince a flood Thelma I mean we wanted to thank you so what's happening on the effects along with actress now street and Indian star rated Pinto. Earlier the ladies met local or acting teenage girls to promote education as part of mrs. Obama's let girls learn initiative. And the North African kingdom only 36% of girls continues pool B on the primary level OK so mrs. Obama and the first daughters and first grandmother will head to Spain. Today. Making some diplomatic waves her own as Lady Gaga who's managed to anger one of the world's most powerful nations. Right it's up because of this meeting on Sunday. With the exiled Dalai Lama in Indianapolis. That apparently have landed her a list of hot stuff foreign forces vote now banned by China's Communist Party. So wasn't for her lyrics you for her outfit Scotty Lama yeah okay. So during the nineteen minute encounter the two discussed meditation yoga mental health and how to detoxify humanity and those are fighting words. But the meeting sparked an angry reaction instead from Beijing which I guess didn't get the message today. Attack the Dalai Lama as a wolf in monk's clothing. The Tibetan spiritual leader branded as a dangerous separatist by Beijing has been in exile since 1959. As for lady got out not only are she and her entourage banned from setting foot on the Chinese mainland. Chinese website or media organizations have been ordered to stop a floating there distributing her son's manned their map. And finally forty years after the golden she's come quite a long way. Yes yes Caitlin Jenner has post. For her first Sports Illustrated cover as a woman the July summer double issue features a 66 year old Olympic champ posing in a gold jumpsuit. Wearing the gold medal she won as Bruce Jenner back in nineteen Cindy six at the games. Along with the magazine cover. It's also 22 minute movie ten or forty years after gold. In which she describes the inner conflict living inside her at the time saying that the decathlon was the ultimate in what people think of his manhood. So for me it was a good place to hide. The court so she reveals a complex relationship apparently who would that gold medal which. Apparently she keeps hidden away you can see it there below cosmetics case. In the middle of the drawer of her vanity in the bathroom. On the one hand kind of hidden away but it together and hidden in a place where she can. Look at it every every not every day yeah okay but it meant that great memories back in 191006 staff.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters dine with the Princess of Morocco.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40212614","title":"Obama Women Travel to Morocco ","url":"/WNN/video/obama-women-travel-morocco-40212614"}