Oscars 2014: Lucky Students Win Golden Opportunity

6 aspiring filmmakers will help hand out those coveted gold statues Sunday night.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscars 2014: Lucky Students Win Golden Opportunity
I Hollywood's biggest stars -- -- only one celebrating on Oscar night six young aspiring filmmakers. One a rare opportunity to be with that they will be the highest scenes delivering those golden statues to the present there is. ABC's Brady hit now on how their movie screens. Came true. That's me -- taking it -- out of 1000 submissions you're looking at the lucky six college students who are living their dreams this is what I was born to. Yeah. The -- beat each won a golden ticket to Hollywood's golden -- the 86 annual Academy Awards. It's all part of the T Oscar college search with the winners announced on the Ellen DeGeneres show they didn't want anybody on -- it didn't have a real investment. And the future -- Seeing channel K12. In a one minute video the winning students creatively explained how they would contribute to the next generation of films -- -- -- patients wouldn't. -- -- These -- sound used music accident there never set sail. And others didn't speak a word. -- Now on Oscars Sunday they'll deliver the golden statue went to celebrity -- centers. While also rubbing elbows with Hollywood's most influential moviemakers. I would meet Steve -- enough I'm glad and identity -- age. And -- some animals are only count people industry is unbelievable and it's an opportunity they believe will inspire their future work. I just more -- of lieutenant concerns of one -- being. But Austria's for mount -- This week the students say they'll also be attending rehearsals and taking -- -- studio two hours while doing their best to soak it all end. Brady hit ABC news Los Angeles. All right -- don't miss the Oscars this Sunday night right here on ABC the excitement starts at 7 PM eastern time. And call it really is what a great opportunity for those students and -- academy also runs a student Academy Awards for different categories alternative animation documentary and narrative. And those are handed out. -- some past winners some interesting -- here Robert Zemeckis Bob Saget Spike Lee Trey Parker and John Lasseter. Some good companies absolutely.

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{"id":22676644,"title":"Oscars 2014: Lucky Students Win Golden Opportunity","duration":"3:00","description":"6 aspiring filmmakers will help hand out those coveted gold statues Sunday night.","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-2014-lucky-students-win-golden-opportunity-22676644","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}