Outsourced by Choice?

A software engineer outsources his work to China and gets caught for doing nothing.
2:56 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Outsourced by Choice?
Everybody it's time for the mix I love this first one it's brilliant. A software developer fired after its first bosses learned that he outsourced all his work to China and spent all day in the office surfing the web. Its Boston office listen to this he was he was called. Bob did not give his name identified as a man in his mid forties a family man praised by disappears for being the best software developer in the building. So if any did this not only at this company but other companies allegedly and he made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few years outsourcing. 50000 dollars a year of his own work to China. And then submitting it and they got on to him they found out in a security breach that all of his computer activity was originated in China and and -- Figured out the homeless -- actually outsourcing his job Steve -- they we'll have him back. An article outsmart the system absolutely right changing gears a little bit we're gonna go down into the that dumps a little bit for this story but if you ever had a nasty intestinal and -- and if she just had a tornado like Paula series 40000 people died and here yesterday nice things from -- the face of rather than treated with a win if an antibiotic. Researchers in the Netherlands now say he couldn't treat. This with fecal matter from a healthy person so basically it's a defecation transplant it's a food -- what's improved treatment. -- -- -- -- food plant see you teach that the healthy fecal matter. From the healthy person and you transplanted into the person -- having all of these gastrointestinal issues. And listen to miss this real you -- fifteen of the sixteen people who had a recurring infection where -- antibiotics only two or three of thirteen. As for thirteen patients and to -- -- to this -- us the study coming out. From the Netherlands -- sporadically for years this was used as a last resort but now. That is amazing quality irreverent and any -- of buying them the job of the out of gone I think that I'm experience mentally breakfast everybody. Let's talk about this is a good -- subway sandwich. They make that foot long subway sandwich. -- guy in Australia to got to take measurements and found out that it's only eleven inches yeah size matters -- -- shrink. But actually. Lit up on line and and a lot of those jokes like that came out of the pool play with a little while it will grow. On the continent that -- via FaceBook site but that subway has not commented on it yet but in fact. It's about eleven. Speaking of shrinkage went to your grandmother on their football especially if -- my grandma maybe one of the oldest women. Strip dancers. Ever this is a six year old woman from China she decided to take it out because of rapid heating that let -- -- her husband -- But was concerned because of the previous back injury that she had rocket grandma grandma and -- government. We'll get good.

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{"id":18236139,"title":"Outsourced by Choice?","duration":"2:56","description":"A software engineer outsources his work to China and gets caught for doing nothing.","url":"/WNN/video/outsourced-choice-18236139","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}