Pet Friendly Gadgets

Dick DeBartolo previews the latest toys and gadgets on the market to keep your pet healthy and happy.
4:20 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Pet Friendly Gadgets
But the days getting shorter it's not just the kids who will be spending more time indoors but. Your pets as well joining us with a new bumper crop of toys and gadgets to keep your cats and dogs happy and healthy. Is gives who has Dick DeBartolo who predicted I'm getting a dog and next couple weeks so this perfect timing this is perfect timing OK nice dog. These dog leashes and collars LE AGU you can eat this system for steady all flash NIC talking going out at night these are actually perfect they have replaceable batteries and they run up to a hundred hours on one set of batteries and I was here they come with batteries that straight because I was running with my yeah. Absences tonight a very unique water bowl its called Taurus and what's it about this is. This is full of water are okay. So I carried it over here like this so what it is carried anywhere you want then when you want to give your pet a drink. Oh you don't know if water is in the water Beaulieu. And then you turn into the water position. And then water bodies Alan do you see that. Yes it is it is gravity fed. And I cantonal too much so what they do is they just filled bottom of the ball with a bitter water. Summit as the pet drinks and gas drilling and could also work for humans as well we're year go to festival fill it up with beer. Just had to lay. We zeroed out did you could you have good. And people used filtered water or what it also comes with a filter. Two this is cold soda coffee Carter showed up options so these are heavy duty feel that yes. These are all like for dogs that really like to eat things. But there opened the bottom and top you can throw snacks and them make it big game for the door so the quote the seller. Top cop canned toys are nice guy tonight eyes always makes great stuff so this is denied eyes do you. Eight key tech gadget. And so on so this hangs on to your belt you key chain on the back is a nail file this little guy is for removing a tick. This is for removing bird is and see you there that's a can opener. Somebody mentioned that part of a half dot U governments in Texas. Yes Anbar is Riverside park has birds. This is another little thing from night all eyes for you key chain and this is for the pet owner when you get to work and had pet hair U nine S. Or lynch to use that and me I'm actually. Can't figure it rapid fire Mike teaching this look I'd like five blocks and does that rise Texas. I don't know that would kick I think and ahead an epithet. Con book because this is called the ordeal and fun OK so had a big funnel at the top and the Arctic is to teach your dog to come back and drop the ball in it. Afghan and you want to drop the ball and is using the dog and. It did and didn't want to be the dog that. Well okay you're always suddenly kinda knew that that's why we didn't want to. All of that that's better job had a right that's under a hundred blocks that a little. And that's kind of guy over here you wanted to get a little mesh Alitalia. A year and they got the fact we have people there that really got cat ended. Hide and seek game yeah without malice that cats absolutely love my dog with terrified of it usually cats will love it. And then if you don't have enough time for cat or dog. How about a fish. Or a couple of fish this Big Easy way to do it this is called the body old halo fifteen. Sixteen color remote control LED lights filled this Reuters change the filter every four to six weeks a third of the water. And you never don't have to take the fish out and it stays canned under visual effect should the ball mill and but I'm just going to be here all night ball. A very good and this is awesome. And if you're one more stop the dead kids with ducked into a hundred that's great baker did I can sort of another part of course. Sorry did say he is begging those who are threatened they're what the world needs now.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Dick DeBartolo previews the latest toys and gadgets on the market to keep your pet healthy and happy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"42214668","title":"Pet Friendly Gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/pet-friendly-gadgets-42214668"}