Police Come to the Aid of a ... Bull?

Police were called to help a half-ton bull stuck and drowning in a pond.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Come to the Aid of a ... Bull?
All right next time police -- deputies in this case he called to a lot of strange things this one's pretty strange and they nailed it. They did a great job holy -- you could say because they have done. Bolt was in a pond drowning and a guy cutting -- wants -- the -- called the Hillsborough county sheriff's department Tampa Florida. And deputy Christine -- top -- yet kept the bulls head above the water helped cool. And 45 minutes no -- another deputy health look out for alligators to Florida -- Crew arrived to -- staple of the mole on dry land and everybody's okay all around check that out. Please -- -- -- a whole lot I have a funny feeling that he knew he was being rescued -- they let me just say and why they. -- -- -- -- -- -- But it really into another -- video and another animal this Sonic the Hedgehog -- I'm not a very good -- you are pretty good long nap now that I engine one and that has been a big time that. Barely had time really -- -- and take a look at that. It like how I'm -- at all now when I first heard this morning I saw everybody somebody like goldeneye and for a rundown -- -- -- -- but. It's actually the -- I just kind of things. You know. A bunch of bowling pins they have not been geared to do little -- who. -- How cool is this kid you know it get into an Ivy League schools all but impossible -- And and he's from Ghana he's a first generation American lives and surely -- seventeen years old these violinist aspiring position. He applied to all eight Ivy League schools from ground to Yale. He got -- last notice from Harvard that he's in. That is just not -- -- Harvard accepts five point 9% of people who apply anyway he got into all. It's just amazing congratulations -- -- AM. Here amazing really sad and I'm sure people are gonna mail me for on Twitter for innovative I don't me making me -- -- of that not let alone get in following -- -- -- -- -- now we're now on the ground and in Kenya right Columbia Columbia Princeton to be different and. Differences with the last one. I don't know. Together we can't name all -- got -- Somebody -- there went to that school is really matter really matter -- it's gotta be in here and I think what you talk about the next one. He had a safety right duke and. You weren't good and William implement independently reviewed if your. Our attache in it's really great video this is -- gonna check how that -- unload misses her well happy on the turnaround as really cool he -- Percussion on his -- and his -- and literally it's it altogether and let them.

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{"id":23138687,"title":"Police Come to the Aid of a ... Bull?","duration":"3:00","description":"Police were called to help a half-ton bull stuck and drowning in a pond.","url":"/WNN/video/police-aid-bull-23138687","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}