The Most Popular Places To Take A Date

The dating app "Clover" analyzed data from 200,000 users to determine the most frequented date spots.
2:54 | 04/08/15

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And there it. Time now for the next Sobel what do you take your wife on her mistake which he and Cecily. We'll possible. Little Indian restaurant in Atlanta and overhanging the army and McPeak. Company should look at she yeah golden pot we'll look back fight. What we they took a 35 thirty most popular places. Telling your first day but when I think timber one must greatness. Something in common Starbucks got this feeling of chili's and Starbucks chipotle never to third as the airlifts to comply and helped kickoff. They got a study Cheesecake Factory courts and that Texas. House net interest of the good words on how to front seat in N out burgers yes that's popular black yeah. Red lobster they'll come a little numbers sixteen cheese biscuits yeah of course put up. Five guys. This would grade. To go that's got to poses when it's pretty accurate let's direct your first what you were in the country when you're always in Jerusalem yup my customers take me to the American colony hotel okay. We had a drink and he didn't know it was we know com body without deciding garden there this but he didn't realize that the bill was in shackles which is more than dollars that he needed US dollars to vacate the way to keep running after him. They domestic it. Big news doing. Up. That's ahead of the president of both to be a good story birthday it was a hotel oh god I starts and then we were in the garden and then there was both bills are great. Potential story there. And sorry where we now next up here let's show you the video here the video has filled the story and a great way to really seen Indiana Jones yeah. Period this is the fourth and it goes right the for the opening. Yes give or supports OK can you imagine it's actually happening we'll folks think this is the fifth might be booked. And here you go okay if not yeah certainly and making job. But this isn't DeVon that super threatened as the guy who does these extreme sports needs videos online has some three million followers of people moment gnome well. This is something that originated in New Zealand polls or being I'll usually don't run over people you just on the inside have a good time awesome looking to ruin the element of people join run away from it and they have to get that kind of. These I would look what are these for the summer. Yeah we should have a world news now barbecue party animals that my backyard with building up a little put the producers inside and read away. So Toyota wants a new projects to the deepening project they talk sounds from their lineup when they built the cars to solicit. They took those fancy sound sneezed on the line and they may testament to their own little mixer take a listen. This is what's it got. The epiphany project by Toyota you can do it to you.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"The dating app \"Clover\" analyzed data from 200,000 users to determine the most frequented date spots. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30152610","title":"The Most Popular Places To Take A Date","url":"/WNN/video/popular-places-date-30152610"}