President Obama Delays Syria Strike

Obama addresses the nation to say that there may be a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria.
2:18 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for President Obama Delays Syria Strike
America this morning. Wednesday morning the president has tried to make his case to the American people about the crisis in Syria. President Obama acknowledges that a diplomatic solution may be in the works there are high level meetings in Geneva tomorrow. But he wants the military option just in case we have live team coverage this morning and we begin with ABC's Mark Bradley in Washington good morning to -- Good morning Diana good morning John it was a rare primetime address the president of the United States speaking to the American people about the need for military action in Syria. Even as he explores a diplomatic solution. From the east room of the White House President Obama told the nation the strike on Syria is on hold while he gives diplomacy -- Over the last few days we've seen some encouraging signs. In part because of the credible threat to US military action. Syria says it has agreed to a Russian plan to turn over its chemical weapons to international authorities. -- the proposal may be its best option the president that he will continue talks with Russian president Vladimir Putin. While secretary of state John Kerry -- heads to Europe for high level meetings but if diplomacy fails the president argued -- the US military strike. Is in the national interest. That the horrors committed by the Asad regime demand -- response. -- with modest effort and risk. We can stop children from being gassed to death. And thereby make our own children safer over the long run. I believe we should act. But in both the house and senate more members oppose a strike on Syrian and supported the same is true of the public nearly two thirds of Americans are -- post. Short answer -- Hell the president tried to address critics who say a limited military strike won't make a difference let me make something clear. The united states military doesn't do pin -- Even a limited strike will send a message to -- that no other nation can deliver. The president did not say how long he's willing to wait for this Russian plan to work nor did he say what would make it credible -- his -- -- Right he's not -- live in Washington for us this morning thank you.

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{"id":20221692,"title":"President Obama Delays Syria Strike","duration":"2:18","description":"Obama addresses the nation to say that there may be a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria.","url":"/WNN/video/president-obama-delays-syria-strike-20221692","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}