President Trump contradicts Dr. Anthony Fauci

It comes as school districts face more challenges reopening. ABC's Megan Tevrizian reports.
3:55 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for President Trump contradicts Dr. Anthony Fauci
And now to the corona virus doctor Anthony found she is defending his colleague doctor Deborah Burks. Other president trump called her quote pathetic. For saying the US has entered a new phase of the pandemic. More cities are cracking down on large gatherings that can spread of the virus like this mansion party in Los Angeles in this case police say no laws were broken. ABC's many servers Ian has indeed overnight on the virus with some good news and some bad news. This Maureen new disagreements among the White House and the corona virus task force. Where is seen some under yellow states and other states. Is that same insidious. In crease in percent positive. The virus is receiving. In hot spots a chorus of south and west we've. Seems slow improvements. President trump contradicting doctor Anthony found chi about the state of the virus. As the US death tolls surges past a 155000. I don't agree that's just hours earlier the president publicly blasted doctor Deborah Burks for the first time calling her pathetic in a tweet. After she warned Sunday that the pandemic has entered a new phase while new data shows daily cases have now dropped below 50000 for the first time since the fourth of July. According to an internal Fina memo obtained by ABC news. Deaths are up 24%. From a week ago. But in a new interview overnight trump challenge the validity of those new numbers. We're lower than the world low for the lower than what's your. What do you want to go to. His case death. All you're doing death is reported cases aren't talking about debt this reporter population. That's where the US is really I don't want much worse than South Korea Germany ten. Can't you can't do that you have like I didn't have to nobody actually irrelevant statistic to say the US has X population and X percentage of death. But that population hopeless shot through by the cases. Mississippi now the stayed with the highest productivity rate 21% of people tested were infected. Nearly every icu bed in the state is full and now new trouble for schools in Georgia nearly 300 teachers are out sick. After one district required them to return to school last week. It Newhart. Oh I what I do because of this. Ended Maryland the governor has overturned a county decision that would have banned private schools from opening until at least October 1. The move now clears the way for students including presidents from sun to return to class. We missed be flexible. An open minded and one size does not fit all. But in Nevada the governor is pointing a finger at families in this state seeing casinos are not to blame for recent outbreaks. The biggest area that we've got issues with that are really hard to control to be very candid with Tenet get on numbers governor calls. The spam whichever. It comes as South Dakota went of the few states to skip lock downs braces for what could be the biggest event since the pandemic began. Is the largest rally in the country. More than 250000. People are sexual role in for the Sturgis motorcycle rally Friday meanwhile more problems in baseball. The cardinals now scraping the rest of their series in Detroit. After more than a dozen players and employees tested positive. The Marlins were turned to action today. After a cold outbreak then stand for more than a week the teen CEO -- mean a false sense of security. We made mistakes we had been her. We have to Bieber will be slower. He lost seats in the White House has heard I think we'll come in to export to participate in into cocaine eighteen testy. Senior aides who are greeted president truck on a regular basis are still testing day. And nine in thank you oh.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"It comes as school districts face more challenges reopening. ABC's Megan Tevrizian reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72161247","title":"President Trump contradicts Dr. Anthony Fauci","url":"/WNN/video/president-trump-contradicts-dr-anthony-fauci-72161247"}