Preview: Pope Benedict's Final Public Address in St. Peter's Square

ABC's Nick Schifrin reports from Rome on the pontiff's last address to Roman Catholics.
3:23 | 02/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Preview: Pope Benedict's Final Public Address in St. Peter's Square
You're watching America this morning America's number 1 early morning news. To begin with the unchartered waters being navigated right now by the Catholic Church you're looking at Saint Peter's Square in Vatican City. A massive crowd has been there already for hours. And they're there for Pope Benedict final public audience before his resignation becomes official tomorrow. ABC's nation for -- is live in Roman he's been talking to the people in that crowd good morning -- Good morning Diana good morning -- it is a historic day here -- around the first time in more than 600 years that a Pope is choosing to say goodbye. For his final final public -- off a blessing to his more than one point one billion Catholic followers and the 200000. People. Expected behind. They're arriving from all over for a -- audience and farewell to the faithful. A moment these three students from Santa Barbara couldn't miss was -- history in the making one final chance to see Benedict the sixteenth -- the Pope mobile. But final chance to hear him speak this is such a monumental time. No Pope has resigned the way he has done. And it mean it's something that we have to -- Tomorrow Benedict will officially retire to quiet prayer and meditation. Dedication will be captured live by 26. Vatican cameras. Spectators started lining up before sunrise the -- devotion. But Benedict -- the Catholic Church deeply concerned by corruption cronyism and scandal. What -- -- final private meetings with the so called double 07 cardinals who reportedly wrote about -- priests -- black -- In a confidential dossier in Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony is here even though he -- accused of concealing crimes have filed Greece's. I don't think it's a case where he said -- my guys there's all these scandals after resigned. I think just the kind of weight of the job on someone who is you know relatively frail. And very old. You know it just took its -- it was time for him to go Benedict who live in this converted convent and become Pope -- You give up his red choose to continue to Wear white. -- really once to return to his old role as a scholar read books and write books. He's known as the scholar and this morning the devoted we're giving thanks. Just one of those surveyed shipping -- -- treatments. And tomorrow the Pope will say good bye to his cardinals before leaving here on his helicopter. It's the final and perhaps most memorable act. The saint Peter's 265. Successor rob Diana. The faithful are clearly out in force its people from all over the world we're talking here. I talk to people from America from Europe from Asia this morning there's tens of thousands of people. Out braving the cold this morning it's a beautiful day but is a really diverse crowd. And they don't really want to hear anything about these scandals that we've been talking about in the media they're really here to just say goodbye and to give their thanks. -- history in the making as you said ABC's makeshift friend at the -- life force this morning thanks next. And of course we will have live coverage from Rome throughout the morning including complete coverage coming up in just a little while on Good Morning America.

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{"id":18605337,"title":"Preview: Pope Benedict's Final Public Address in St. Peter's Square","duration":"3:23","description":"ABC's Nick Schifrin reports from Rome on the pontiff's last address to Roman Catholics.","url":"/WNN/video/preview-pope-benedicts-final-public-address-st-peters-18605337","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}