Protests erupt over Breonna Taylor grand jury decision

In Louisville, two police officers were shot as a crowd of protesters faced off with police in riot gear. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.
3:12 | 09/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Protests erupt over Breonna Taylor grand jury decision
Overnight more anger in the streets across America after a grand jury's decision in the Rihanna Taylor case. Italian that are low credit Kirk number. Investigators confirming two police officers were shot and mobile less than one hour before the city's curfew. As a large crowd faced off with police in right here. Because. It's not it's not good. I am very concerned about seeing him around. Kentucky's governor deployed about 500 members of the National Guard to help police respond and protect property. The protest now spreading from coast to truce after Wednesday's announcement from Kentucky's attorney general or. Investigations show. In the grand jury agreed. Mattingly in Cosgrove. Were justified in their return a deadly fire. After having been fired upon. By Kenneth walker one of the three officers involved in terror shooting has been charged. But the charges are not related to her death Taylor was shot and killed by police for me executed a search warrant back in March at 12:40 AM. Officers were investigating a suspected drug operation linked to Taylor's ex boyfriend no drugs were found during the search Taylor's word friend who was with her that night. Told investigators that officers failed to not corps announced themselves Kenneth walker says he thought the officers were breaking into the apartment. So he fired a warning shot with his legally owned gun but during yesterday's announcement the attorney general insisted the officers did knock on the door. It set a witness backs it up. When officers went unable to get anyone to answer or open the door to apartment for. Decision was made it to breach the door. According to the attorney general Jonathan Mattingly was the only officer to enter the apartment he says that the male was holding a gun. Arms extended. In a shooting stance. Sargent Mattingly solve a man's gun fire. Heard a boom. In immediately knew he was shot. The officers then returned fire and Taylor was killed this morning former officer Brett Higgins and the only person charged in the shooting. Has been released on bail he faces one to five years in prison for allegedly endangering neighbors in the apartment complex detective hankins and fired his weapon it. Ten times including from a outside. Sliding glass door and through a bedroom. Window Taylor's family attorney in a statement called the grand jury's decision offensive and another example of no accountability for the genocide or persons of color. By white police officers for president trump praised how Kentucky's attorney general handled the case. Even quoting him during the White House briefing. My guess this is not justice justice sought by violence is not guesses. It just becomes review and. Former vice president Joseph Biden issued a statement saying the decision in the case does not answer that call for justice for many people and stressing the need for police reform. NBA star LeBron James tweeting overnight calling black women the most disrespect a person on earth. Love to you queens all over the country and beyond. Ask the global police officers shot last night both are expected to recover one suspect is in custody.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"In Louisville, two police officers were shot as a crowd of protesters faced off with police in riot gear. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73214203","title":"Protests erupt over Breonna Taylor grand jury decision","url":"/WNN/video/protests-erupt-breonna-taylor-grand-jury-decision-73214203"}