Pumpkin spice returning soon

ABC’s Will Ganss reports on when to expect the fall favorite flavor’s big return.
2:01 | 08/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pumpkin spice returning soon
I don't like OK it's happening joystick not. A procedure. Grab your flannel grab your leggings it's officially pumpkin spice season Duncan announcing its bringing back its fan favorite flavor lineup earlier than ever. But. Out. This coming Wednesday to chain unleashes all kinds pumpkin pandemonium its signature PS cells pumpkin cold room hot coffee in dialogue days. Apple cider doughnut munchkin. And maple sugar snack in bacon. Pumpkin fans quick to espresso their opinions on line you'll may be still my coffee out of excitement you had me at. At pumpkin but not everyone so spiced up some or just plain salty six guys can't have college football this fall. Girls shouldn't have pumpkins bison dogs it's only fair but like it or not pumpkin spice is back with a vengeance dairy queen scooping out to a new pumpkin desserts. By the end of this month also. And Starbucks is confirming their PS cells and Paul drinks are coming back soon. But they haven't announced to date has the acts last year they debuted just six days after Duncan but why are we still obsessed with pumpkin spice sensory neuroscientist John began telling us. It's simple science. Pumpkin spice is an amalgam of sense that are typically experience together and happy holiday times. So our brains smells systems have probably actually changed to make its respond strongly to it. Positively in most cases so in the next few days pumpkin spice fans have a lot tape to look forward to you. A lot Kate to look forward to if you fall fanatics myself included can't wait until Wednesday to get your pumpkin fix from Duncan kick your grocery stores sell grocery store shackles that the tongue twister. Many are already offering pumpkin spice Cheerios pumpkin spice protein shakes pop tarts spice until Bonnie. And pumpkin spice begin cracked let's whatever that is. For now we have this major liquor cut your mug says right now it says now. Now with another OK I got there it is nice haircut too well thank you.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"ABC’s Will Ganss reports on when to expect the fall favorite flavor’s big return.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72345680","title":"Pumpkin spice returning soon","url":"/WNN/video/pumpkin-spice-returning-72345680"}