The Quest to Hold Hands

A medical treatment allows a couple to walk hand-in-hand.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Transcript for The Quest to Hold Hands
Something that every couple takes for granted and holding hands out for one couple that was impossible until a breakthrough new medical treatment ABC's -- -- -- -- joining us here with more on this woman it is what is Valentine story that tells you that there is still many out there for every person. The boy from London who -- thought that nobody could ever love him because of his severe tourette syndrome. And the girl from Jersey he stood by his side along with the doctor and made their wish come true. This Valentine's Day there is only one thing that injured 21 who wants to do -- hand in hand and my wife. Even -- they've been married for thirteen years and Andrew and his wife Amy have never been able to go for a walk holding him. That's because Andrew is one of 200000. Americans -- diagnosed with severe -- Max syndrome. His -- would cause him to curse and yell spit and jerk uncontrollably. And strangers who didn't understand his condition would take offense and sometimes even eating can not. Andrew beats himself to -- -- to control his hand friends -- love never seemed like a possibility. I had dreams. I think. It was -- -- -- -- games like it's awaiting these orders time. And he still wise awesome question when is it -- But then implement a stranger who wanted to set him up on the -- those who injures that haven't been able find someone who can look past the Peretz. And love me for me. My mom says yes -- met my daughter yet would -- remember the first eight. We leak case for the first time and -- filed books hall. In -- within a year Amy and in true were married. But with just two rats even walking down the trial was a challenge. And holding -- hand while doing it was impossible. They've always hand in hand to -- me. -- woods stumbled. And put to the ground. After a lifetime of suffering Andrew came to the mount Sinai hospital. And learned of the surgery that was still new for two rats deep brain stimulation. From -- yeah yeah. Okay dad were up Hillary there and that's the -- two leads were implanted in his brain wires run to batteries implanted in his chest. -- modulation is -- a group of treatments that seek to Alter or neurological illness by stimulating. Areas in the nervous system in order to change. -- function so completely and in terms. Take a brain pacemaker. The results have been incredible when it works. Good to see miracles from this and tennis. And on this Valentine's Day. My -- side. Now Andrew still has the occasional take but he says 95%. Of his threat symptoms are -- on -- up. Truly remarkable and side effects -- well in his brain surgery so we'll about 2% of people experience of bringing had arranged. But interest that he was even concerned about that -- so desperate for treatments now. Because we know they'll be holding hand -- Valentine day well after they planning to celebrate Amy said she just told -- they go to Pizza Hut. They just want to go to a restaurant where they can eat together and never -- stare at them she says she's go from table to table. Can explain what was wrong with her husband that nobody ever talking offense when they went on public. This time she's just going to be so glad to be there holding hands what an amazing story -- so much more horrific ABC's -- -- -- thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A medical treatment allows a couple to walk hand-in-hand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22512309","title":"The Quest to Hold Hands","url":"/WNN/video/quest-hold-hands-22512309"}