Record number of new coronavirus infections

71,000 new cases of the virus were reported in just 24 hours. ABC News' Megan Tevrizian reports.
3:08 | 07/17/20

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Transcript for Record number of new coronavirus infections
This morning Coke did nineteen cases exploding around the country. A record number reported Thursday 71000. New cases in just 24 hours despite the drastic rise in numbers from you talk I think it's a political hoax to Oklahoma. Two Wisconsin. That outrageous infringement on our Fourth Amendment liberties the debate over masks is re Jean Marie stupid do what you call the do. Trying to save grimaced life. Since when do we have a constitutional right to the other people's lives in danger. In Georgia where hospitalizations are heating record levels governor Brian camp is now suing Atlantic City Council and mayor keys to Lance bottoms to stop the city from requiring masks. Just one day after he blocked local officials from issuing masks mandates. That decision sparking outreach in nearly a dozen cities. It's my belief that the city of Atlanta still has the pro standing to mandate masks especially if they relate. June building and and places that we own and operate. But the governors of Colorado and Arkansas who both previously opposed seat white mask orders. Are now reversing course meanwhile in California this ditty of Manhattan Beach. Well now find people up to 350. Dollars for refusing to Wear a mask. Miami Dade County enacting a similar rule over night. The right Nina hundred dollar fine for violating mask indecency rules. More than fifty of Florida's IC used overwhelmed by covic patients. The Miami convention center is now being transformed. Into a field hospital to treat corona virus victims. A mixed the increasing cases the White House continues to push for in person classes in the fall the Press Secretary making this bold statement. If science can not stand in the way in this scaling back any need then claim mean the science is on our side here. The doctor Anthony out she said it's not that simple for parents this is not an infection. Simpson cheek lightly. Even with young people. It comes as an internal FEMA memo obtained by ABC news shows more young people are becoming infected in the US. In June 18 to 49 year old made up nearly 36%. Up hospitalization. And 30% of those in the icu. You're getting infected. Is not just you in a vacuum. Your truck engaging in a pandemic. Even some of the country's most physically fit falling victim to the virus. The NFL revealing that at least 72 players in the league have tested positive for the virus raising questions about the safety of team training camps set to start at the end of the month. But this morning a glimmer of good news in Arizona. The daily number at new coated nineteen cases have flattened the seat projecting a possible decline in the coming days. More retailers are now being anti. I accept store around the country CDS and Walgreens our two of the latest order pirate these countries telling companies like Wal-Mart cool and star acts.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"71,000 new cases of the virus were reported in just 24 hours. ABC News' Megan Tevrizian reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71837310","title":"Record number of new coronavirus infections","url":"/WNN/video/record-number-coronavirus-infections-71837310"}