Refugee Team at the Rio Olympics

Ten athletes forced from their countries now get an opportunity to compete in the Olympics.
2:39 | 08/11/16

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Transcript for Refugee Team at the Rio Olympics
We're back now with a new team competing at the Olympic Games in real however in a perfect world there would be no need for this collection of Athens. So they're known as the refugee team ABC Delhi Rogen has that story. First Syrian swimmer Rummy and niece the road to Rio started in a war zone. He had been a star athlete in his hometown of Colombo a shoo in for the 2012 London Olympics but then the war started we. Cannot see how that. Couple got obviously of them deal. He named a harrowing trip across the Mediterranean to Europe. Where he had the best chance of competing he ended up in Belgium where he met his current coach former Olympic swimmer careen their bow and. Bonnie Gaines and Jimmy had meats and six months he was overweight kids into Meehan battery. And you get this nice and resentful aunt and eat it was already dead. The international Olympics committee announced in March that it would create the first ever refugee team. For the elite athletes among the record 21 million refugees worldwide Ronnie applied and a few months later he got the caw. So I said that the if you do you have aspirations to go and if you already know it's in June or July you're. Out to goatee in makes you have it saying did you aren't. I'm not arms. Anything about if its lets its nest just have to do it. Ronnie is one of two refugees from Syria. The others are from south Sudan Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are. I mean it is that child's name to be there and me and what to make make special court and is that he was suppose to be hair and it was so why he was who's supposed to be here. And now he is it even threaten not everybody is this optima. He. Had he not be rooting them to eat what you you. Romney's number one hope is that by the next Summer Olympics. The notion of a team from refugee is will be obsolete. I don't get the north's campaign. One got fulfilled. In addition to his rigorous training Rummy also had to take intensive ducks lessons. Careened told me his first words to her in Dutch work week then model which means I'm so tired. Diane and Candice. We have no idea of that blood and though never though. Good for that let's agrees there ain't really fitting innovation making his own personal best he dead it was great yells at competes against ninety in the men's butterfly we wish him luck tonight thanks and thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Ten athletes forced from their countries now get an opportunity to compete in the Olympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41293708","title":"Refugee Team at the Rio Olympics","url":"/WNN/video/refugee-team-rio-olympics-41293708"}