Renee Zellweger's New Look Creates a Stir

The actress appeared on the red carpet looking nearly unrecognizable.
3:18 | 10/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Renee Zellweger's New Look Creates a Stir
Well we began with the story. The hasn't given that on fire. I admitted popular online stores has to do with the appearance of a celebrity. Actress Renee Zellweger you know welcome Bridget Jones's diary. Jerry Maguire and slew of others. But here she is from an event a few days three years ago looking. Breaking into court just but I Monday night she attended the Al women in Hollywood awards in ten game a lot of attention for how she looks now specifically her facial features. You see them there yet he's 45 years Ole doesn't do a whole lot of red carpets these days we don't get to see her whole bunch but now some media outlets at the scene here this event calling her unrecognizable others coming to her defense. Saying that just the commotion is ridiculous frankly LA times summed up this way saying Renee Zellweger looks different on the red corporate world freaks. And Renee actually issued a statement to People Magazine about the speculation she says. She's glad people think she looks different quote I'm leading a different happy more fulfilling life and I'm thrilled. That it shows and hostile. The whole event honored women for their achievements and all they've I want to talk but still what when a woman what a woman looks like we're calling Lenox let's turn now to Kate Middleton. Let's talk about what she looks like she made her first appearance since news broke of her second Britain's. Well I think handling a number of appearances do extreme warning sickness. Kate stepped out bullion yesterday and gray Alexander McQueen dress complete without ads fascinate or that's a fancy hat you see there on her head. But it was her look later in the evening that really got people talking with 32 year old looks stunning an uphill balloon getting Pacman dress. Pension good for the there. Okay she's a thirteen weeks of pregnancy can the black guy tie event at London's museum of natural history as well as well good to see she's a feeling. Better is our next door about what another woman looks like questions probably welcome added it is soft. Chris Jenner Bob Kardashian girls know first social media prowess. Using it to put her best face forward TJ the kid and she's getting caught up for doing just that. Okay issues with celebrity chef thug or renting seen there promoting a new cookbook pulls were shot Ramsey uploaded to in his mr. Graham account standard so comedian fare no big deal there right well Jenner uploaded old. The same pick a few days later her version looks more at it. Yeah no wrinkles it seems. Using filters commonplace on his Randall when an original already exists out there. Backlash. I wonder Gordon likes to talk to keep our next story is about what another woman looks like I am leaving him really open up walking out the door it's about Barbara Walters sweets. Period and local OK no that's not about a pair of stuff. She retired from the view as we know back in the spring but a couple months she's actually returning yes her ten most fascinating we will always looked forward to. I was right. Barbara Walters said that last year would be it for her specials and she'd want to pass at the opportunity to interview a current lineup of gas that includes Neil Patrick Harris Chelsea handler Scarlett Johansson. And even old Lowe who hope. Four. With more actually to be announced. OK let's get through the celebrity birthdays we big day for doc about the future we'll look at his pictures of. And fellow actor Jeff and Goldblum is turning 62. Brian Boitano Olympic gold medalist 51 years old and modern family Jesse Tyler Ferguson turned 39 a big capital place.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The actress appeared on the red carpet looking nearly unrecognizable. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26366765","title":"Renee Zellweger's New Look Creates a Stir","url":"/WNN/video/renee-zellweger-actress-unrecognizable-red-carpet-26366765"}