Robin Roberts Readies for 'Live' Morning

"GMA" co-anchor fills Kelly Ripa's talk-show shoes for one morning alongside Michael Strahan.
3:40 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Readies for 'Live' Morning
She's going to be on the show with that Michael Strahan of what is called now it's called. Live with Kelly and Michael now. And get -- Parents is going to be on the today Laurence Fishburne the -- going to be there is gonna talk about his news. Series -- animal -- also looking at the very latest eliminated finalists from American Idol but I don't Michael Strahan and Robin should be great team. And a lot of background of that -- gonna talk all about the NCAA isn't in this yet should be out -- And she's always great there's been no matter where she goes she's gonna leave her mark there -- -- fiancee and me is going on -- this is her mrs. Carter show world's tore. I know she's got acquitted after she had her baby blue -- -- John a lot of criticism that says yeah your -- and now he. You gotta spend time -- -- -- this note to quiet all of her critics she has posted a picture. The sixteen time Grammy winner posted this picture our mother daughter duo lot of grand -- Very same one -- does. -- -- the other one says the baby's name a long wait a tiny little winking and not a -- so there you -- what general and really tell all the months that needs some time here. 10-Q that there ain't no more old she is taking her baby minds are now let me just isn't what's going to happen later -- -- -- they have to go to school I can't just be. Who -- the way out of world source so beyoncé get it out of your system now. Charles had a somewhat Justin Bieber adding rocket a little sick of talking not be able to. This almost too good to pass up by how to put this in here he and Iraq he got detained by German officials. -- -- -- problems of the monkey. It is courting the TMC Iraq. The airport on Thursday who knows maybe it's April fool's joke but again he says he arrived in Munich airport on Thursday was converted about the monkey that went through customs -- -- -- the proper documentation apparently. And it took the monkey in a quarantine. Of course they -- like. What is next you know I really don't know what to say about that -- -- and apparently his track record of pets is and so Brady gave away his hamster who ran a fan last December. And the little guy passed away earlier this month he -- -- business for just. -- -- can't wait too much this is -- Another one who is always not around he had been alive need your attention since they absolutely cannot do you want to Monday. -- -- -- -- -- -- OK Lauren Conrad this is that is the girl from the hills she's 27 year old she apparently. What -- in yet there she is marking an annual festival that marks and eating ants bringing us. Apparently she was there any part of the fascinated that festivities is that they -- well. Like -- on and the people around -- waiting -- take pictures and you walk around with his -- well she decided to get in on the action not realizing that this does not easily wash away. So how. We'll report titled with her now pink hair he's having a hard time getting that peachy color out -- she's been washing. And she didn't realize that it's starting to be a little -- and we know. You in that situation I don't know where -- -- -- -- In the pit down and then -- the -- probably I don't think she's gonna have a problem getting back to a national. The adrenaline jostled were Greg's or turn orange and -- I do I do remember that that we. All -- and find out how he got behind -- out of his hair RN. Good idea -- -- the answer for you anyways got pink airport saying I'm sure this is rich people problems I'm sure she'll be able to find a way you would think you can put a man on the moon you can for having me. Him back to donation. Finally art and that the man on the that -- be able to get the that's.

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{"id":18854097,"title":"Robin Roberts Readies for 'Live' Morning","duration":"3:40","description":"\"GMA\" co-anchor fills Kelly Ripa's talk-show shoes for one morning alongside Michael Strahan.","url":"/WNN/video/robin-roberts-readies-for-live-morning-18854097","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}