Roller disco workout

ABC News' Will Ganss takes us to New York's hottest new roller disco, where locals can dance and work up a serious sweat.
4:01 | 02/06/19

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Transcript for Roller disco workout
You're looking for a place to get fit and get funky Friedlander roller Disco is the latest. Greatest rainbow earliest unicorn hot spot to preakness Barkley split. The range in Brooklyn New York. Bringing the roller Disco glory days back to life. New York and Chicago being skating hotspots back in the seventies and eighties. And today dreamland is bringing roller Disco back home where it all began owner and creator low Lestock. More on that came later gave us the scoop on the four veal fitness routine. Roller skating is an incredible access he actually burn 600. Calories and power. Experts say roller skating improves balance agility and coordination to. Plus it's easier on your joints than running would be it's a pretty good work out tailored effect. I'm all sweaty and I was worried about coming on camera and being like a complete mess. Ivan rolling around really an hour and a half and it's been really fun and a great work. Buffalo look the roller Disco divas at dreamland it's more than just a physical thing. Everyone has some sort of beautiful memory. And time bring that fact that people they re live those memories and the influence and make new ones for their children. Both sharing their visits to dreamland roller rink on social media. We always recommend this. Seven discount mart home act who live there snack bags your fantasy religious himself whoever that is weakness encourage you to bring it. But we're go to treatment requires trying on more than just some fun year I needed a mutiny. -- star's name came from the Barry Manilow song Copacabana. The name. I'd see my fantasy before we leave today. I want a nickname. I'd Alter ego dad I knew that didn't implement its not have that is you know affairs. And then I mean come up the beginning of period February on the put on more than just gates TOI. I brought its a little sub zone. I you didn't see it. Well she said she could lead to see it. So I hit the ground running. Or rolling against. And when I say hit the ground. But after a few pointers sudden something came average to Spanish. Keeping these fat and yet but how. How. I was the groupies guy on eight wheels going forwards. And back. But now it was time for our moment of truth that I earned my coveted skating nickname. I've been thinking about it and after I thought that fabulous. Outfit wearing. I now declare you you know. Will sparkles I love it. I mean let's get up that I've that will. I'm sorry but do it. Citi's Friday dreamland is having a Lady Gaga outburst as Madonna skate night so if you can't find will sparkles. Italians went spark crow bar army. It was killer bargaining you gotta get some sun on those legs oh yeah. Not my fault I wet the middle of January epithet that you're also an Olympian on those days right. Yeah yeah. Out. And he's being a landing yeah some of them were there were no injuries now and I was not limited to basis but I cannot evade you know. I picked over the jacket. I look we'll sparkles for sure sparkles want to go back in a bringing you guys I. Maybe get into the sparkle about everyone. Hot.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss takes us to New York's hottest new roller disco, where locals can dance and work up a serious sweat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60880321","title":"Roller disco workout","url":"/WNN/video/roller-disco-workout-60880321"}