San Francisco Plane Crash: New NTSB Video

The NTSB released new footage of the burned out shell of a Boeing 777 that crashed this weekend.
3:43 | 07/08/13

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Transcript for San Francisco Plane Crash: New NTSB Video
You're watching America this morning. America's number 1 in the early morning news. Then after that other deadly plane crash we have been following so closely. Overnight we learned pilot of that plane that crashed in the San Francisco was training for that specific type of aircraft. -- -- be released this video overnight showing investigators looking through the wreckage. The landing gear pieces of the wing and the debris covered -- wrong. And it's our first look inside the plane after the crash mangled head rests aisles of seats collapsed oxygen masks hanging from the ceiling. ABC's brandy is live in San Francisco with the very latest good morning -- Good morning John good morning -- that's right we've learned one of the pilots was training to fly this aircraft when it crashed landed killing two people. And those black boxes recovered from the wreckage. They're revealing more details about those terrifying final moments. -- Just seven seconds before impact one of the crew members on AG on a flight to fourteen called out the plane needed to increase speed according to the NTSB. A warning sound went off at the controls indicating. A stole. A call. To initiate -- go around. Occurred one point five seconds before impact. But it was too late to try another landing the -- slammed into the end of the runway and left behind at 2000 foot trail of debris that tell hidden. Also please -- not -- -- drove the cart -- we've now learned one of the pilots had -- just 43 hours on the Boeing triple seven. This was his first landing at San Francisco's airport that AG on -- says he had nearly 101000 hours of flight experience on other aircraft. And was working with a very experienced co pilot. This survivor jump to safety with her eight year old son -- Slide not none not that I I don't jump on just -- out. Of the 51 people who remain hospitalized. Eight clinging to life and wine is a child -- A huge amount of spine fractures some of them which -- include paralysis. Passengers killed -- sixteen year old students from China. And one may have been struck by emergency workers. It did become obvious to us that one of the victims may have been hit by one of the -- -- on scene. Because that -- under investigation I'm not allowed or at liberty to discuss. -- this investigation could take several days NTSB officials say they do hope to interview the pilots though -- in the coming days John -- time. I'm branded -- CEO -- damages wrapped up a news conference what is the airlines saying about what happened at this hour. -- -- CEO says that when it comes to this controversy that supposedly stirring regarding this pilot who was learning and training to fly this aircraft he says the responsibility Israeli. On the head captain of the aircraft is doing the training Annie also said the pilot who by the way that that the name of the pilot is believed to paying the book. He says this pilot. Has been flying many other aircraft and Sally obviously this is the next stages and lure until you learn to fly the newer aircraft of the 777 which he was doing. You speak to other experts in the aviation field and they say this is something that happens. In this field pilots will be trained to -- you know fly other aircraft and they're still very experienced. So what we also learned I have to point out as well. If your -- Disco international airport the CEO of the airline says that before they fly out here they actually go through simulation. So they have an idea of what it's like to land an aircraft still something obviously went wrong in this case. -- brandy hit reporting in San Francisco thank you.

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{"id":19602625,"title":"San Francisco Plane Crash: New NTSB Video","duration":"3:43","description":"The NTSB released new footage of the burned out shell of a Boeing 777 that crashed this weekend.","url":"/WNN/video/san-francisco-plane-crash-ntsb-video-19602625","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}