Santa Proposes!

A mall Santa proposes to a complete stranger and she says "Yes!"
2:55 | 12/29/14

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Transcript for Santa Proposes!
Or. It's the right time for the mix now we start with a couple of proposals. One proposal that guy couldn't be there for it so it's the season until he had sent to step in let's go ahead and roll the footage here you go see the young lady Pamela would you like. Room and you can you can hear it there was sent us. My guess everybody putting up Christmas is she says I want my boyfriend come what she did not know was that her boyfriend Sargent Clint underhill. Who's been stationed in Afghanistan BO range this surprise. With the young lady's mother Kimberly is earning Kimberly Roberts. Disney now fiancee but a range this Santa got down on me prisoner ring and read a letter. They are now proposed what you gotta creative ways to. Etc. doing since you can do you have to. Very nice let's say this tops that this is a guidance of prizes up for with a proposal but. It delicately says open this box and inside the box she pulled out letters what it is time they spell out starting with the W. When will you marry me. This is passionate. Why get. Why do you realize oh what is actually see this. But I don't even. He's actually likes this guide them I don't see the happiness I mean she's happy. The school the last story fun but I gotta see this play out. A reconsider a yeah. They brotherhood together woods will hear the Veba would remove yeah I don't know maybe they VH IV that she likes it could cry it. Don't worry I'll think it might cry but if he were to get this next thing as isn't you know I would I would bring them down because the McCartney and I pledge you these like my GM vehicles and this is an escalade that has been tricked out the way no other car venture that this. Click Saudi motor car at Texas did this so Kelly Cagle threw a lot and get this. But they have a home theater that they have put into this escalade. Yes trust us focus is an ethically you see I've had to the air on the walled areas of 48 inch screen. 24 karat gold plated active throughout the cabin of this car great road trips. We don't know how much is gonna cost to get a tricked out but that is trust us the inside that's going to tell the product of cool Watson threat that he passenger. He passed me if you can live in the assists and meet regularly escalate over it retails for over seventy grants about the time you put all that in there it might even double the cost it won't what's going on behalf last finale is with tap website. Jobs. Pat and you're playing at the same time. Cash cast office.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A mall Santa proposes to a complete stranger and she says \"Yes!\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27873051","title":"Santa Proposes! ","url":"/WNN/video/santa-proposes-27873051"}