New Satellite Images Reveal Possible Objects in Indian Ocean

Satellite pictures show possible objects that may be connected to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Transcript for New Satellite Images Reveal Possible Objects in Indian Ocean
America's -- Good Thursday morning at Martha Gonzales in for Diane -- -- And I'm John -- we've given that breaking news Australia's Department of Defense has. Release these satellite images of debris to objects which may be related to the missing flight one of the pieces of the brave. Just thought to be his largest 78 feet long the other approximately sixteen feet long. The area where the debris has been spotted is approximately 15100 miles southwest of Perth Australia in that vicinity the ocean is a well over a mile deep if not more. It's in the area known to mariners as the roaring forties. Southern latitudes notorious for wild weather and waves. An American. The planes long range radar can provide high resolution images of -- water and land the whole pathetic can provide a clearer picture of -- pieces of debris. Maybe she's David Wright is on the plane and he filed this report on his way to the -- scene. Since the morning you -- -- yeah. -- That that is urgent rescue metal or call sign -- like -- -- a rental use seventy door. Where the -- an area. -- important South -- from almost due south of Cologne and war and what we're being told by the flight crew here that they had an intelligent now. That there is some sort of debris in the water they're not clear what we will be looking for. Plane on the site -- and we are understanding through the clouds right now that's playing. That's what the high end here available must be classified. And if anybody is likely to -- bring down there the plane had a very good opportunity to 2000. It's -- -- and outside. -- angry that not only in this plane headed into the area. But -- Australian planes are also headed this way they're going to be calming the waters in the next several hours and researching. Point three hours looking visually prominent playing. And also with all the high tech -- they have on court. Only -- -- -- in the water may be a false alarm but they need to be treating it as a very promising nine there's about 14100 miles. Brent Antarctica. 2775. Miles south southwest of -- of a -- at about thirteen hundred miles. From Australia. We've been traveling to three hours to get an inside we'll have three hours. Close to the water. News search for what whatever -- out there and then three hours of -- back at David Wright -- US navy EA has tightened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About 800 -- Southwest of Australian. Our thanks David Wright and now let's go to ABC news aviation expert Steven again geared for his take on these developments. Don't get radar returns and so it sounds to me that that we think each on the wreckage -- it at a certain area I think what. Probably happened here is that the US intelligence community been brought to bear -- -- been able to use some of the satellite data that part of the ocean based on some of the forensics David was talking about with the with the stinging. Down south and so they've been focusing very very intently on this area early in the day we saw that the Australians. Focused their search area in a very particular way which dusk was a clue that they were there is zeroing in on where they thought the actual impact close. It's all being run through the throw her rescue coordination center again it there's David says the the -- -- Been working hand in hand with the US the US and navy in the media greater force. Are very used to working together I'm sure there's all sorts of coordination like on my guess is what's gonna happen now is she gonna get the -- -- the -- in the which have satellite communications will go over it they find some wreckage -- wreckage. They'll take pick urgent help send that back via satellite I think it will get an -- pretty quickly here. He just wanting -- know we saw that the Australian per prime minister Tony Abbott called the F called the can be a Malaysian prime minister what is news a couple of hours ago I had to need that's pretty clear picture that that this is something that they -- -- Mountain and -- courtesy call me the distance probably what we and look for saying I think it's they have pretty in depth pretty good believes that this is dead I think you'll probably -- veggie -- the area heard. In the press conference that they merchant ship had been sent to -- the to the area. Yes we wanna find wreckage yes who want to confirm. That this is in fact the the aircraft and we have the area now is David death. Ted we need to decent friends actually need to do some some meteorological about you know her pretty due to figure out where this actually -- -- And and yes it is good news but we also need to remember that in the Air France that we were on top of that wreckage five days after the -- But it took us two years even though we were right on top of that wreckage to -- and a black boxes. So we still have a long way to go you know there's there's there's something good to be to be had -- and -- finally finding the wreckage and Oakley. Bringing closure to these -- -- -- in terms of solving this mystery we have a long way to go. And ABC's David Crowley has been following the search for flight 370 since the very beginning he filed this report a short time ago about what happens next if in fact. This turns out to be the plane debris. Ocean currents of undoubtedly carried this debris some period of time and some distance. So the bring an ocean water -- -- -- look at the currents in this specific area. And then track it back they can look at those currents and how many days have gone back and now narrow the circle significantly. So you can get some of these navy vessels the surface warships. Surface ships over that area to start listening to the -- -- from the black boxes. Now those batteries of those black boxes have two plus more we -- them so. If this is it -- you get vessels on station rather quickly there's a good chance you can hear you can hear those -- up to 20000 feet down. This is very deep water in the southern Indian Ocean and apparently there are a couple of very deep crevasse is there is well so it's. They want to get some vessels out there and start listening once they -- back the debris if it is in fact the directory. All right so let's recap what we know at this moment regarding the developments in the search for Malaysia flight 37 days. Australia's Department of Defense has released satellite images of debris to objects which may be related to the missing flight. One of the pieces of debris is thought to be as large -- 78 feet long the other approximately sixteen feet. Long America's. The location is approximately 15100 miles southwest of Perth Australia where the general -- of the ocean floor is well over one mile -- Now the story is changing rapidly we will have more later this half hour and of course on Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Satellite pictures show possible objects that may be connected to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22980976","title":"New Satellite Images Reveal Possible Objects in Indian Ocean","url":"/WNN/video/satellite-images-reveal-objects-indian-ocean-22980976"}