Search for Fox Lake Cop Killers Intensifies

Police in Illinois respond to reports of "suspicious circumstances" 10 miles from where Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was killed.
1:58 | 09/03/15

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Transcript for Search for Fox Lake Cop Killers Intensifies
Good morning until a banana and read an audit with a top stories on this Thursday September 3. Police on the move overnight searching for suspects in the killing of a police officer North Chicago. There were reports of suspicious circumstances about ten miles from where lieutenant Charles Joseph Glenn awaits. Was killed Tuesday and last night hundreds gathered in fox lake Illinois don't honor and remember when awaits. Who is known as GI shelved his widow speaking about it publicly for the first time. Glad oh it's also leaves behind it was not. He was planning to retire and just this month. The military is looking into the crash of a black hawk helicopter in Colorado. They wind down in advanced remote forest area near Denver's ball for soldiers on board the helicopter were injured. But none of their injuries were life threatening. The incident happened during a routine training mission they say it could take up to a week to recover the helicopter from where it went down. Electric car sharing under way in Indianapolis Alex Collins flew in the 26 charged station Salomon closer than downtown potentially there will be. Drivers can take up arms limitation dropping off in another they're charged by the minute with a twenty minute minimum charges start at four dollars plus. I am McDonald's is rolling out all day breakfast at its restaurants across the country. And that's. Perhaps is why Ronald MacDonald is getting his groove on that can doing the wind and the naming. But some kid that a Mickey blue in Detroit. Endured back to the old school love. Tim was some women customers are doing the hustle. Could be del barrio now own novel the vineyard theater but he's celebrating the news. Go to wedding this weekend made what might Whitman might mean it you know duke and Michigan McCall. Or it can play if you really want totaled school which is which can play it also is also bill later. There's been. Did your news anytime at Until about an average at night and thanks so much project.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Police in Illinois respond to reports of \"suspicious circumstances\" 10 miles from where Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was killed. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33500611","title":"Search for Fox Lake Cop Killers Intensifies ","url":"/WNN/video/search-fox-lake-cop-killers-intensifies-33500611"}