Serena Williams Unveils Clothing Line at New York Fashion Week

The tennis star had a runway show to reveal her HSN Signature Statement collection.
2:57 | 09/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Serena Williams Unveils Clothing Line at New York Fashion Week
It is not started Katrina Williams apparently all it did feel so badly for her when she didn't in this open and that's special Grand Slam that have been going for but she was a total winner at new York fashion weeks during a second collection. She looks great for her own fashion line featured a lot of friends Mather and swayed her collection of free to send. It's taking in high fashion to wider base of fans as well Serena admitted that she's been busy chuckling at all also may be juggling up. Ruled man. Straight you see there aren't that front row right next and would turn his music was also the soundtrack for the runway fashion show afterward Serena. All smiles saying that she could finally breathe and another a list of the crowd like cement in Michigan letter I look at fat. Let me beautiful gorgeous as ever. Pandit Serena and her fashion line to rob that out that. Looks stunning and it was a success it was a success despite Drake beam there. Oh come on we love hard to rate our Robin Roberts as you sat right there yes. There's of that threat to skate. Right she's not really her paean with a reputation as a fashion trendsetter yet Spain's queen lifted CNN live TCI gets high marks for her. Feminine and elegant style she and her husband can Philly bit first hour visiting the United States today. Went to George Washington's home in Mount Vernon. And they stopped by Capitol Hill to meet a group of senators the Spanish royals also visited the White House the queen got a tour of them and this is Obama's organic garden. Actually some say that she's so me to keep your eye and I tell you she is also always dressed. To the nines looks gorgeous wherever she is so incredibly popular in Spain at a first this morning a remake of the movie jungle book. Fascinating look a live action CGI a real ten year old boy as a lead character locally and some Hollywood's top actors. Giving at least in Apple's guessed I was Johansson plays a python who soothing tones lured the boy. On his journey through the jungle. But curfew he knew. Do you. Yeah. The double book a Disney movie will be in theaters next day for all K Bradley Cooper says he's always been. Around kitchen so for his next starring role you didn't need a stunt double in the movie Bert Cooper plays a once promising shaft trying to come back. Kitchens the only place that would ever feel like they're really belong to. I loved every minute of with the heat depressive by. While you can see if he gets it right in Bern which comes out on October 23.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The tennis star had a runway show to reveal her HSN Signature Statement collection. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33792336","title":"Serena Williams Unveils Clothing Line at New York Fashion Week","url":"/WNN/video/serena-williams-unveils-clothing-line-york-fashion-week-33792336"}