'Sesame Street' Reimagines 'When Harry Met Sally'

Cookie Monster and Sally eat cookies together at Katz's Deli in the "Sesame Street" parody of the classic 1989 romantic comedy.
2:57 | 09/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Sesame Street' Reimagines 'When Harry Met Sally'
Welcome back any time we start with you when Harry met Sally me and that's it. Who could forget Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan Perry and Sally respectively. And there shall we say satisfying visit to Katz's deli near New York. The scene giving rise to the famous line will have a cheese out. Well now Sesame Street suffering its own take it's called when cooking that Sally cookie monster in his ball cap and patiently waiting in line. This Sally character was perfect he late eighties hair doing their best to keep up the line and actually the pay off once they sit down at a table. And that he does aren't. Yeah. I have lived them and a buck off but. It's PG bird it weakened instead of better ourselves right I feel that way after having a cookie. Those perfect right next up you might be familiar with the reputation of fans in Philadelphia they pelted Santa Claus with snow balls. At an Eagles game batteries also been known and thrown from the stands now what direction feeling they're rats after watching Harry styles onstage the other night. He was hit in the head with a can of Red Bulls who. First tough guy that state onstage singing yet teachers spoke. Fans went so far as to track down the alleged culprit who became the target of online bowling you do not mess with. His fans and Harry's mom she stepped in she told will voice to stop it. And asked the band's fans to learn from the incident. And we think worked out here in the skinny we're thinking about going to the gym maybe a little running outside twin actor Kellan Lutz is thinking a worked out he's thinking. A little bit lost here than that here's what we mean lots. Hosting pictures showing himself on. A precarious looking rock formation that is high above a beach in Australia a floating push up there is even hanging below the rock is this real. The twilight hunk is down under shooting at science the science fiction action film that doesn't mean he's not even as happens if the those pictures from the Rockland says quote don't try this workout at home solid advice. And finally we had a Harry and Sally re imagined it is time to do the same thing with Peggy Bundy who remember her she was kiddies adult character. Who was very few Al Bundy. Played by Ed O'Neill on the classic sitcom married with children. So now for a news re imagine Sophia ever gotten to the re imagining dressing up as peg Bundy with a huge red wig and everything else you see there's yes. Do you like this look at Sony L. Because that's. Ed O'Neill of course he's the common thread through all of this he plays Jay Pritchett the husband of and out of character on ABC's modern family. Brought serve her costume will play a role in the upcoming season. Would by the way gets underway September 23 from right here on ABC it's also a good reminder this photo is that you've got to start catching up but all of. You may have missed. I missed pay you money.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Cookie Monster and Sally eat cookies together at Katz's Deli in the \"Sesame Street\" parody of the classic 1989 romantic comedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33531725","title":"'Sesame Street' Reimagines 'When Harry Met Sally'","url":"/WNN/video/sesame-street-reimagines-harry-met-sally-33531725"}