Shark Attack Off Maui Coast Kills Man

A Washington state man was apparently dangling his foot in the water while trying to catch baitfish.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for Shark Attack Off Maui Coast Kills Man
Did you get this half hour with serious concerns about just how safe it is to go into the ocean in Hawaii those concerns. Following a deadly shark -- has happened in the waters off from now we just as officials are announcing plans for a serious look at the movement of sharks. The attack happened -- two friends were fishing from kayaks up the -- coast. Officials say the men who died 57 year old from Washington State was. Apparently dangling his foot in the water while trying to catch bait fish that's when the sharks struck. The person the other boats he was a friend. All else and. Went over to its. -- -- on the -- The -- sought help from a nearby boat William dunaway and his wife were on board. This what was missing -- this -- was pretty shredded and the color his body had looked like. Likely -- keep us together ready. The attack happened far from shore -- of. This is just the latest in an unusual surge of shark attacks in Hawaii. In August it's one year old German tourists died a week after losing her right arm to a shark. In all there have been eight attacks near -- this year and thirteen across the state. That includes an attack on a woman last Friday she suffered non fatal injuries. Before word of yesterday's deadly incidents state officials announced plans for a two year study of tiger shark movements around now -- It's unknown what type of shark was involved in the most recent attack. It was a -- totality off of Australia this week by the way. -- I've got a lot of stories on this for ABC news and and the bottom line with the experts they all come back and say it's really the only thing that's changed this is just much more people now in the water in shark territory. I think they're gonna start learning in the movement which is things that you you know if you watched the history here than you know any -- in these nature shows you kind of big toll -- -- Sharks -- him closer to shore I think it was a myth when he believes -- -- -- they don't come anywhere near humans they do they so close to shore during mating season -- they're looking for food and -- in and there were intermingling with these animals and that's unfortunately it's starting to happen. And that patents by the way the -- was fishing for bait fish so he was in an area with a lot of little fish usually brings -- -- good. -- --

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{"id":21078390,"title":"Shark Attack Off Maui Coast Kills Man","duration":"3:00","description":"A Washington state man was apparently dangling his foot in the water while trying to catch baitfish.","url":"/WNN/video/shark-attack-off-maui-coast-kills-man-21078390","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}