Shaun T's New Fitness Regimen

Fitness superstar Shaun T shows ABC's Kendis Gibson how to get in shape on a bouncy ball.
4:48 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for Shaun T's New Fitness Regimen
Doesn't have a video. Sexy and you know at work. Awkward you know Britain opened at then I heard argument here is Shantee and other carried it up with his insanity work out. He is taking on is new challenger right here on ABC on Thursday night with his new show. My diet is better than yours. Let's address the elephant in the room yes Philip Porter does that we have to blue ball. I recently caught up with and add the New York ball racquet club hit for some work out strategies that even insomniacs can love. The first time ever saw you was beaten. That wonderful infomercial for hip hop that you feel out engages all of my muscles only I feel like a whole midsection as. I don't know why were laughing about it. And if first all the jet understands that won't when I was fifty pounds overweight don't possibly DNC and I lost the we actually utilize the Chauncey street he's so tough and tight end and more you work at lower half your body and more calories you burn so. That's not lawfully and I was like I'm gonna create something really amazing for people who don't think victims away. I don't tell us about EU slant. My planets called the super foods swap. He died. So avenues show call my dad has been numerous bestows upon because it represents real life people were not it can't communities before and houses and trying different dyes which is what and let's go to our viewers but in the users yet insomniac what can they do if there. Wide awake and trying to make the best of a bad situation. Eyes so some of the best exercise you can do actually sitting down because in the middle of the night is kinda hard to want to stand up in jumper and so the first thing you can do. We're sitting on resistance balls which I think is best for your back anyway but it is sitting in the chair. When he wanted his pitching hand them on edges of the chair and just start to lifting knees and really engage of course now. We don't want to do is hold your right leg up. Right and extend it out and and and then we're gonna hold that bag out and is that. Fire we're gonna move on so we have these balls that we have to be careful but if your policy says the vastly it is blocked all you have to do is a set of its one. Stand up do you chair sit back there. And then does do is fast and now Chris if hips forward as you come up top. Jeff stand up now just hover over you care. Domestic flights and constantly. Not just like that that right. They detest and do little pulses but don't actually it's it's funny. I mean this series it. Cyrano this holding the gulf and up in arms up front just like this knowing that their daughter and aids really didn't. It's really enhancing its heart raids in his heart we who died was her way. I can exceed the oldest sweat coming off this. Still working at large amounts of food and you can burn calories and middle of the night in the meantime on this morning and yeah and you know you know because. What is the most fun workout that you do. There must order about it there's guys they wouldn't everyone loves to do people love to dance. Check out in another people who can't dance like it's over there and I can't everybody is black I can't the computer. Is there are wrong you have some kid adult the only path we're not active and I that is well that's still remarked back. Back to me that they've dug up rock right back then Zurich I didn't edge. You know. Why episode of this let me just give you my black cars ahead. OK so if you're up in these hours a couple of things Ashanti says is key number one hydrating yourself. Okay having water all the time that's sort of like its work out and it's up the other thing is he says there are three exercises that you can also do that are pretty easy he can do a minute. I loved. Push ups directed at them with a gun you don't have to pick up. That firm that might work out a tire you can do that per minute also. You can also do a minute of jumping jacks I can't handle that connects I think that. And yeah. Bringing this up as you go to. Sort of you're doing a good decent price of questions like that I don't bowl Earl there they're sending out right now Shantee is safe. Why does that have to worry about me that's as dancers went back back we'll work.

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{"id":36417143,"title":"Shaun T's New Fitness Regimen","duration":"4:48","description":"Fitness superstar Shaun T shows ABC's Kendis Gibson how to get in shape on a bouncy ball. ","url":"/WNN/video/shaun-fitness-regimen-36417143","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}