Shaun T shares his new summer workouts

The renowned fitness guru shares his new workouts that will keep you fit all summer!
4:24 | 06/13/17

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Transcript for Shaun T shares his new summer workouts
Excited and a picnic with the whole world news now team. I'm yet cake. The live today give no picnic. They've found a work out better left to go with computers at me up with. You don't remember Sean Teague. Who once admittedly overweight college kid. Lost fifty pounds or dance only to turn it into a multi million dollar fitness industry with videos like hip hop bad at a Portsmouth. You've ever call he did the impossible proving he can get even meet to look coordinated. Refusing remarkable Arnold got. Well he's fast I'm always happy to see you. Not whenever bottle. Campaign and have my cake over there and some hand hawks and some good green and now an act every good picnic has him hot. Book why you're here avenue where are coming out cost song week it's kind of like the best started sixteenth when he five because we don't have a lot of time but it also takes debt. Hard core insanity feel so people can really did a great work not in a short amount of time. One week is sort of like. A best featuring some key moves from his ten workout videos as well as some new ones so let's do this work out are you ready I'm ready and got the perfect MusicBrainz. Okay let's do it. One of its Renton and Everett ago. You know mile jog out come up next to me that. It. Insult to the world is now polka. But it's a real music. I'm with you goes there. What the one moment here mark don't work let's listen right hop hop in the human. If that leg up back if their networks on news of course yeah at fifth and talkative and their Bob Lorca. Gonna lift up again in the U McKay contestants though and in. Back the other way if that's so then and they. Yours or even about persecution. Come on that's gonna. And a girl get your beard you again yeah but. Indices from. Exercise. Equipment with them out on the good lord that there were. The sit down and work our court appointed him behind him elected on the front right and then even as a vote the every now and vote me every now. Engaged before and others of course. Now but I want to do is hold it up. Over the Clinton's oval you can Austin Houston we have exercised that would be high impact. Floor in here see who often in case were. Hi there. He. It's important and I you know work make him go longer if they. Back to work loaded gun he'd gone. I soon. So you might do real point in. It's likely that there are captivated you have a fair ball and you'll be just like this applied it really like ten seconds. Plane into the house along. I how much you talk beside him. I had hit a go America. Sort that is you have a choice. Yes you endure another round of maxis. You can view Chauncey. So ladies and gentlemen. I'm not about depriving yourself you can really enjoy your movement. What you should not if you go there and they're going to be so much harder. Tradition though when you're. Anyway so if you want to song wouldn't look good on cupid dot com flat already. Did you did amazingly. Way out and there's notes red velvet ago by. The 55.

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{"id":48001529,"title":"Shaun T shares his new summer workouts ","duration":"4:24","description":"The renowned fitness guru shares his new workouts that will keep you fit all summer!","url":"/WNN/video/shaun-shares-summer-workouts-48001529","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}