A New T-shirt Could Cure Back Pain

A shirt that improves posture could fix back pain and tone your stomach.
2:56 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for A New T-shirt Could Cure Back Pain
-- this is another excuse to not go to the gym so try to make it easier for any kind of -- -- paid for for a popular -- so guilty of this could be news for you. There's -- -- T -- out there. That uses what they call compression panels that would almost -- thanks for men are for people have died and that they do basically they're designed to pull the body back into a correct more supportive. Posture that they -- back -- is caused by having weak abdominal muscles which are meant to hold a substrate rover sitting or standing to visually Disney T shirt that works like that brings to keep your shoulder from going forward and to make sure your response isn't correct. Online magazine also told your stomach at the same time so that good -- elderly really don't believe it's turning into a six pack wearing a T shirts at may sixth segment at least. At least I get a little bit take care that post holiday got a -- like that's open you know there's -- reason since they on the couch and. That's not good enough -- out. This talking about looking good apparently women look their -- at 3:30. PM. Every Wednesday -- studies been found because that apparently is went energy levels just plummet work stresses at its peak and the effects of any weekend late night finally can get and that's bad news from me because I have a -- goods daily segment. On CNN right called on the case -- sunny Hostin narrative you know good -- video -- -- parity every. Eight I don't I don't I hear you look good that look on -- show I had. City has fourteen job. And that is not a -- god that you leave you end your ball would look good it has and again so. Also. Oh here's another little story here but this is because you've been. And -- not rockets because of the -- -- the last couple weeks here apparently there's a new ice cream infused with the -- didn't let. That may help you. Get over the flu burba -- -- in if it infused ice cream. It's called now offering to Jerry's ice -- now -- influences sorbet -- that -- -- -- symptoms like sore throat body aches and stuffy nasal passages that contains a maker's mark whiskey cayenne pepper ginger honey and fruit juices all things that they help with flu symptoms of civil protection like this shot which we all should get -- but if you're suffering that lies. They may or when warhead that can help yeah well this this this lady may have had lot of ice cream talk about -- -- she's born -- twenty pounds she's the mother floor. But apparently show the widest -- in the world. State measure -- staggering eight. Feet in circumference and she's she's very pleased with her figure our biggest -- husband it is. Her husband they've been married ten years -- he's a few lights are -- we'll have a cat. Oh my lord of the G-8 kindergarten -- Okay that's okay.

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{"id":18290667,"title":"A New T-shirt Could Cure Back Pain","duration":"2:56","description":"A shirt that improves posture could fix back pain and tone your stomach.","url":"/WNN/video/shirt-cure-back-pain-18290667","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}