Shirtless Man in The Rain

A Chicago man has been blowing up on Facebook after a video shows him shirtless in the rain during an interview.
2:52 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for Shirtless Man in The Rain
Welcome back it's fun to mix revenues at all viral stories of August off like talking about style but to get. Yes if we took about how they've been complaints and mishandled vital. Of eight saw boats floated that could case. That looked like it had its next philosophers and Iraq are higher risk it all split Federline was let them do the right about any life. Sends out civil we men flawless the snowman built opponent that Stahl friends it's awful to watching what. Think they waited and they say guess what it's been discontinued we have and it there's a reason we couldn't find the polar bears for the show yesterday. It was discontinued 2010 the part about it is continue to snowman is and and by the way they also have dean's gingerbread ugly sweater cookies is what that's what they call them. You have red sweaters and development humans girlfriends. Nothing I'm I'm them delicious. What what myself but I'm pleased and was like preseason pick. Pretty good conduct from a one off it's up but he's a big bond yields on it another thing you can say dignified yet television. At all but visitors and they're good right off safely but by the great. Peet's Coffee. Ari I would tell you about another. Story out of Chicago I believe the others tell us what it's so hot out there in Chicago. Station up there we found here in the rain a man wearing nothing. Except maybe a little something underneath there and so they want to know why he was doing it turns out. He ends up using this as a way to explain that he singled and you know what my. They got quite a few heads out next 25000. Like three million views and by the way the guy with reporting you see right there. He used to anchor world news Dallas me last summer open Mon rather higher ahead there's a Celtic that we don't write on the show and now he's. Out there in the element off dragged guide helping the single men of the world I would love. In that he's made a move we talked about his deputy set I was sitting opposite until they meant that you coming to dish I would be gone he ran with the Shia and I don't. Tell them what presents a challenge to you hopped on the existence. Oh white that the challenge to you know that this thing here. Yet human in minutes of that again after nine single. And we have this is the moment speaks. And the NCAA basketball today. This is that tickets bought the celebration clear OSHA always felt their celebrations this going viral they've won six heading doing lost radio row row your boat. He says back any guys of that day off. Writes it's it's open strike today and it's. And they are doing well into the mountains pretty hot and they're extending. We've finished a very quickly that the plug me in UK in. They're what about thank you.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"A Chicago man has been blowing up on Facebook after a video shows him shirtless in the rain during an interview.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35770455","title":"Shirtless Man in The Rain","url":"/WNN/video/shirtless-man-rain-35770455"}