'The Situation' Gets in a Brawl

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino arrested after tanning salon fight.
4:20 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for 'The Situation' Gets in a Brawl
Okay skinny fat anytime we began with something that sound and interesting I guess but you be the judge that's -- involves Mike's -- also known as the situation from Jersey Shore apparently. -- got into a fist fight with his brother to tanning salon yesterday the cops were called -- Sorensen was booked for simple assault ironically or maybe not -- Latino we haven't -- -- is about to launch his new reality show I I don't think this is necessarily coincidental. These reality shows they're known for kind of extra -- plodding again -- separate. Sustained some of them curious to know what happened and Kanye West says he and his new bride Kim -- -- her exhausted. After having wasted nearly half their honeymoon. Touching up -- Official wedding photos so it would just look perfect that's that's very well when Annie -- pulled out as their wedding photographer at the last minute. The -- still one of their snaps to look like her work. So -- said part of the problem is that the collars on that wall flowers behind and there -- not quite right. All that hard work must've paid off because he says the photo was number one most -- right now on his insecure but you know do you remember telling him. You old enough to number 35 millimeter camera he had a one shot deal you took that picture you got upset at -- developer and natural film putting an -- -- -- across CN when -- does that -- that you had one I did did you really -- So what what happened in those days of that not having -- touch of things and I'm kind of kind of -- that. Katy Perry. Music -- The -- is -- new record album called metamorphosis music. -- already signed her First Act Jordanian singer and songwriter -- that's right -- duets with him on his new record. Has invited him to appear as the support artists on her upcoming North American tour dates Leonardo DiCaprio. Is bringing -- star power and his deep pockets. To come here and here it is art. That's right DiCaprio made an appearance at the State Department -- announced that its foundation is donating seven million dollars to ocean conservation projects. That's on top of his earlier pledge for three million dollars to protect marine life what. Good there with a goatee -- -- brio. Warned that we have to do something now to save -- oceans which are being destroyed by climate change an illegal fishing. His love of the ocean goes back to childhood. When he dreamed of becoming avenue marine biologist I never knew that about DiCaprio it's interesting -- DiCaprio is an avid diver and -- explore the deep -- Around the globe I only got some experience in Titanic and you don't want -- and America. Can you say it again that's. That's pretty fascinating gotten. But they are you think DiCaprio and that we do -- just taking out legal units that stuff. You know. We'll see what happens now resting up next to music sensational -- announcing some exciting family news concerts and took to Twitter writing best day. -- to Niagara Falls with my dad propose to my mom. After almost thirty years together so after all this time. -- solutions to them. That that they finally got around to it well. Just getting by Saturday in the -- and an air her mom Sonia. -- -- -- that's right anyone who knows -- hits on whale's -- it starts -- the words I've never seen a diamond in the flash and anissina and added. I says she's acknowledging that she has and it's on her mom's hand. Well starting this fall PBS a lot for a half hour version of Sesame Street. Producers say it's because more kids are watching on cell phones and tablets and it. Harder to hold their attention toward the half hour show is going to be considered a condensed version of the hour -- show which would still be available to kids in the morning so. Morse -- -- -- and now time to check our birthdays today we began with sir Paul McCartney turns seventeen years old. And still sounds as great and he did when he sang that -- you're hearing right. That's -- supermodel and. Isabel -- in -- sixty. Singer me and that -- -- listen and -- poisoning and country singer Blake Shelton. Knowing exactly what's on your best -- -- the man. And says she's figured out what her job to -- the -- stay with.

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{"id":24187631,"title":"'The Situation' Gets in a Brawl","duration":"4:20","description":"Mike \"The Situation\" Sorrentino arrested after tanning salon fight.","url":"/WNN/video/situation-brawl-24187631","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}